Six Special Scents to Turn Your Man on

Women in Australia aged 14 and above buy perfume once every four weeks. According to a recent survey, Aussie women are willing to spend on this little luxury to smell good. The teenage girls in the country would pick perfumes endorsed by their favorite celebrities. At the same time, some women can patronize exclusive and expensive fragrances sold in high-end boutiques and department stores.

However, there is a current surge in websites selling fragrances online. Because of this, you can also find a rise in the sales of luxury perfumes in the country like the various variants of Kenzo perfume. With regard to Kenzo perfume Australia has plenty of options. Most of these women use their scents to attract men. But what are the types of scents that can capture the attention of men?

Sandalwood scents

Most men get attracted to the warm, sexy scent of sandalwood in women. Its delicate wood notes have a romantic and sexy vibe, and anyone who takes a whiff of sandalwood will feel relaxed. Wearers of this scent can also have a heightened sense of well-being, and it increases female sensuality.  

Vanilla scents 

Vanilla is perhaps one of the most common base notes of most popular fragrances like Kenzo perfume. When it comes to Kenzo perfume, Australia has many renowned stores offering them. Aside from its alluring smell, vanilla also has a reputation for attracting men’s attention. Reports also claimed that the scent of vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac and can help cure sexual dysfunction. Aside from setting a sensual mood, vanilla also reportedly calms those who are angry or irritable and relieves the symptoms of anxiety. Your crush will give you a second look once he smells the vanilla scent in your body.

Lavender scents 

Lavender has an excellent reputation for its relaxing properties, but it also symbolizes ‘love.’ You can even rub a twig of lavender in your clothes to get its sensual scent. Based on a previous study commissioned by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago, the scent of lavender mixed with notes of pumpkin pie can increase the penile blood flow in men by up to 40 percent. The research also found out that it can cultivate female sensitivity.

Ylangylang scents

Rumors claimed that the tropical flower called ylangylang is a potent aphrodisiac for both men and women. The fragrance has a floral note that encourages attraction and boosts sexual desires. Aside from its sensual properties, the scent can also support the body’s circulatory system.

Orange scents 

The fruity scent of orange releases a fresh and sweet smell that anyone would want to whiff. However, it is particularly attractive for men. Next to the smell of lavender and pumpkin pie, the study from The Science of Smell discovered that orange notes could increase the penile blood flow by about 19.5 percent. You can either get a scent with orange blossom or mandarin notes to achieve the effect.  

Cinnamon scents

Who would have thought that the scent of spice could attract men? But scents that remind them of food are sufficient to gain their attention. However, it would be best if you stop yourself from sprinkling cinnamon on your body to get your desired effect. Just look for a fragrance that uses cinnamon as its top note. Try to find a scent that combines cinnamon and vanilla to make your man go wild.

Each time you purchase a new perfume, consider your purpose for wearing it. You can buy something that can help you smell good while doing your usual chores. You can also look for a unique scent that could help you become irresistible for the special man in your life. By wearing this extraordinary perfume, you will let your man know that he has a significant role in your life.