Is improving your fashion sense one of your new year’s resolutions? Worry no more!  The easiest place for a man to get some fashion tips is certainly from the German capital of cool, Berlin. Berlin has got to be one of the most unique, unpredictable and design-driven cities in the entire universe. Men very often go for simple yet classic looks: casual smart is perhaps every man’s best chance to express their style.

Berlin is a young and intrinsic fashion city derived from the varied number of universities that host different people from all parts of the globe. This brought about a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the area from the fusion of different cultures. Berlin’s street style allows men to look stylish and be comfortable all the same.


Berlin has not always been hot and trendy on the fashion map. It’s no secret that when we are looking for street styles, Milan, London, New York and Paris are normally our first-go. Berlin has been underrated but has plenty to write home about. Fashion in Berlin erupted from the fall of the Berlin wall which signified the end of the communist reign. It moved from a society where everyone dressed the same to a stage where individuals are free to express their creativity through fashion, film and nightlife.

Fashion in Berlin was once dull and boring but that quickly blossomed into chic and glamour. Street style is a key element to Berlin’s men fashion. The style is run by out-of-the-box thinkers and forward-lookers who strive to pair different pieces astoundingly. Amazing stores such as ForeandAft offer impeccable street style pieces for men in Berlin.

Below are some street style samples that are a must-have; good tips to dress impeccably in Berlin’s street style are highlighted as below;


Berlin’s street style tends to be rebellious and has a reckless flavor of the ’80s to it. The style is mostly dull-colored with black being the most predominant. Denim is a staple when it comes to streetwear, paired effortlessly with other pieces. Denim on denim or double denim means wearing denim pants and a denim jacket. This fashion trend is quite popular with the concept being wearing oversized jackets, tight or distressed jeans.


Dressing for winter can be tricky. On one hand, you are worried about the cold; on the other hand, you want to look put-together. Layering jackets in the correct manner is a delicate form of art. Layering jackets is common in Berlin and lets you show off not only one but two of your favourite jackets. Simple layering can be achieved with a leather jacket or a cotton structured blazer like those found in foreandaft can be paired with black basics and black denim jeans in slim-fit. Feel free to play around with colours when it comes to layering.


Age or body shape are no barriers when it comes to sartorial style. You simply need a good tailor to take accurate measurements and leave you looking your best. Slim suits are in trend and every man wants to have a few in their closet. The suits are cut to follow every man’s natural shape without as much extra fabric as regular suits. The jacket goes slightly between the ribs and the waist with the trousers narrower at the ankle than at the thigh. This style is meant to flatter the body and give you comfort to step out looking incredibly stylish.


During winter, Berlin is the coldest it can be. Outerwear gets played around with, as men go for more functional than fashionable. A winter parka worn over a shirt and a sleek tie with a pair of dark denim and matte leather shoes can easily pass for an office look.