Style Inspiration: Timeless Clothes for Golfers

When it comes to sportswear, golfers don’t really have the best reputation. Most people automatically think argyle jumpers and ugly slacks when thinking about golf fashion, but that’s quickly changing. If you take a look at new golfers emerging on the scene, you can see some sweet outfits that look modern yet have that timeless vibe. So, here are a few dos and don’ts to use as your style inspiration for the next time you hit the course.

Neutral combos

Being expressive when it comes to your clothing should be applauded, but being too loud with colors is not the way to do it, at least when playing golf. It’s much better to keep your outfit simple and classic with white, gray, black and navy. A few splashes of color here and there won’t hurt anyone but keep it at two different shades max.

Stylish shoes

No matter spiked or spikeless, golfing shoes are probably the most iconic part of every golfer’s outfit. While many brands are moving away from spikes, others choose to make their spiked models more stylish than ever. The world’s biggest names like Adidas and Nike are taking the golf course by a storm, especially with their new water-proof lines. You can find waterproof golf shoes easier than ever and even get amazing reviews that will ensure you get the best models out there.  Some look good enough to be worn with a suit for a bold outfit choice, but most look amazing with any golfing gear.

White belts?

This is a good question and one that many don’t know the answer to. A white belt can be a make-it-or-break-it sort of accessory, so be smart how you wear it. You can be sporting the newest collection from Hugo Boss, but if you combine it with a horrible white belt, you can forget about looking stylish. However, white belt will look pretty good with white trousers or a white shirt. But, pairing it with anything other than those two items will not give you a timeless look on the course.

Careful layering

Many golfers get too enthusiastic about layers and tend to mix too many fabrics so they end up being covered in sweat by the time they reach the 8th hole. Sure, manmade fabrics are getting better and better when it comes to breathability and sweat-wicking, but many of them don’t interact well with each other. So, keep in mind one thing: if you’re wearing a manmade base layer (or a classic polo) pair it with natural fabric like merino as an overlay.

Brand on brand

Don’t be scared to mix and match brands—that’s the future of fashion. Just because you have an entire Nike golfing line, you don’t have to put on everything at once. Professionals love to mix things up and so can you (Sergio Garcia loves to wear Adidas and Callaway while Henrik Stenson pairs Boss with Footjoy shoes). As the times change, this will become a new classic, so start early while the trend is still fresh.

Protect your head

Golf probably has the most versatile headgear options of any sport. While flat caps used to be popular in the late 19th century, they got replaced by modern baseball caps. Sure, you can find many different colors and brandings, but white is the most timeless and elegant option. It works with any outfit and looks casual yet professional. Stay away from snapbacks, though! They will not make you look revolutionary but quite silly.

If you keep these fashion tips in mind before you book your next round of golf and you’ll look like a pro on the green. While looking absolutely timeless with a club in your hand, you can translate these tips to your everyday life and raise your fashion bar up a notch in general.