How to Get Beautiful Yet Affordable Wedding Invitations

Everyone wants a memorable wedding. However, a memorable and elegant wedding must not always be expensive. You can still plan a wedding on a budget, even with beautiful wedding invitations. Yes, your invitation gives your guests an early peek at this special ceremony of your life, so elegance is necessary.

Before choosing or designing your invitation cards, you should know the style of your wedding. Knowing the style would give an idea in choosing the design, font, ink, and paper for the invitation card.

You can also browse the internet to get inspiration for your invitation. The style also involves the wedding colors so you should consider that—and readability—when making the invitation cards.

Making invitations that do not break the bank depend on the design, paper, ink, printing techniques, and the quantity involved. Research the options available and pick according to your budget.

Note: Study your guest list and figure out the number of households you’ll be inviting. This helps to cut costs erasing the need to send separate invitations to guests living in the same house. Families and cohabiting couples can get one invitation while every other person can get separate invitations.

Affordable Design

Working with a graphic designer on your wedding invitation card can be pricey and above your budget. An excellent way to save funds and still get the unique design that you want is via DIY invitation cards. You can search for templates on the internet and design your invitation on your computer. There are lots of fonts, colors, and designs you can have a blast experimenting with.

Affordable Paper

Whether you find a cheap graphic designer for your invitation cards or you adopt a DIY approach, the paper your design will be printed on is key to the total cost and effect. The rich colors and glimmering papers affect the cost.

The most expensive type of wedding invitation paper is one-hundred percent cotton paper. Linen stock with a textured surface is a great alternative and is not so light-weight. Shiny papers are also on the expensive side, but matte ones cost less and still look great.

Affordable Ink

Aside from the choice of paper, the choice of ink is also essential. Premium printing companies now use eco-friendly soy inks instead of the previously used petroleum inks. These eco-friendly inks produce colors that give your design a great look.

Your invitation will last for a long time, and you can put them in your wedding album to have a look at them whenever you like.

Affordable Printing Techniques

The printing technique used should also be considered when working with a low budget. Some printing techniques need multiple processes.

Engraved techniques come to mind here.Thermographyproduces engraved letterings with the use of heat and other special links. Offset printing (flat printing) slashes the actual price of thermography by half!

This certainly makes it a cheaper alternative. The result is elegant and includes vibrant colors. Offset does not need a plate, so production is comfortable.