5 Wedding Guidelines To Keep In Mind

Are you planning a wedding? If so here are some guidelines and tips to keep in mind for a great day.

1. Start Preparing & Taking Notes

After you’ve decided on and booked your venue, you should definitely revisit it and take a couple of notes. Make sure that you record the measurements of the space as well as take lots of photos which show the decor and style which will affect your future decisions. So, for example, if the venue has a particular boldly colored carpet or even a distinctive wall pattern, then you may want to use more simple decorations and floral arrangements. This will help ensure there isn’t any color clashing. On the other hand, if the colors and style of the venue is more muted, you can go with bolder floral arrangements and decor.

Next, if you would like to have a big decorative item in the venue such such as a huge wedding backdrop, then you’ll definitely need to know the dimensions of the venue. So, make sure that you record these measurements so that you can know whether all the items you want can actually fit in the space.

You should take the time to talk to your wedding coordinator in the event that the particular venue has specific rules when it comes to hiring other suppliers and decorators. Another misstep is asking whether the tables and chairs are provided in-house or not. If its the former then, you just have to prepare the tablecloth linens that will elevate the style of your guests’ seats.  There are some cases where particular venues have very specific rules on what you can and cannot do. For example, if the venue is a historical venue then they will likely have rules in place to protect the space as well as ensure its integrity is upheld. Some of the limitations that may exist include the use of naked flames, particular types of electrical equipment, fog or smoke machines etc.


Make sure that you sit with your soon to be husband and bridal party and brainstorm as many ideas as you can. Some of the things you should discuss include the wedding theme, wedding style, color palette, if you want to plan based on the season etc. For example, some wedding styles include countryside, rustic, vintage, modern, romantic, garden etc.

2. Look at the newest trends

If you are interested in recent trends, then you should definitely pay attention to the Color of the Year, recently started by Pantone. This color usually has a wide range of influence from things such as fashion for the year and even decor for homes. It also definitely has a huge influence on weddings. The color of the year in 2019 is living coral and you can check out Pinterest for various looks.

With that said, living coral is certainly a color that isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a very brilliant color that is similar to orange gold. This particular color is quite spirited and sociable according to Pantone. With that said, it is surely an amazing color for a wedding in 2019, especially a summer wedding. It certainly gives a very bright and sunshine filled feel that will add a great deal of warmth to your wedding. When you choose it as an accent color it will definitely add a a great deal of style. For example, you can add it in the ribbons on your chairs, wedding flowers etc.

3. Carefully Select Your Flowers

One of the most important aspects of your wedding decor would definitely be the flowers since it is a long lasting tradition. When you take into account the flowers needed for your wedding dress and venue, purchasing all of the necessary floral arrangements would certainly be very costly. Therefore, make sure that you create a budget and stick to it. You should definitely have budgetary limits before you start so that you can make sure you don’t go overboard and spend too much.

You should also hire a well known and reputable florist locally as soon as possible. Remember, great florists are typically booked many weeks and months in advance and in some cases, even years! So, make sure that you find a good florist asap and share your thoughts on what you’d like to create. You can even create a scrap book of luxury wedding floral arrangements to share with them. With that said even though social media is flooded with absolutely beautiful images of floral arrangements, be sure to remember that these are typically quite expensive to recreate. So, you should look at the flowers that are actually in season and see if you can use them in order to lower your floral costs.

Over the last few decades, wedding breakfast floral arrangements have changed quite a bit. Even though the traditional centerpiece is still important there are many couples who have decided to go with more quirky floral arrangements. There are many modern arrangements that incorporate different designs to add a great deal of interest and depth. There are lots of modern arrangements that also use lots of nature based things such as twine, different types of driftwood etc. Some even have industrial elements such as copper piping. Then, this style is finished off with different types of lighting arrangements such as candles at different heights to create interest and a romantic ambience.

Hanging Floral Arrangements

If you don’t have a very strict budget, then you may want to consider using hanging flowers on your venue’s ceiling. These can create a feel like in A Midsummer Nights Dream and various old romance stories. When you have hanging flowers placed near the top of your main table and aisle, it would certainly add a great deal of flair and decadence to your wedding.

Floral Hoops

One of the most popular types of wedding decor are floral wedding hoops. These can be used throughout your venue to create a very beautiful and dramatic feel. You can even use them as centerpieces for your tables with hanging votives.

Keep in mind that if you intend on having a church ceremony in addition to the one at another venue, then you’ll need to also use floral arrangements for decor at the church. At the very least, you’ll need to have an arrangement placed at the top of the aisle. You don’t necessarily need to have a bridal bouquet or even corsages or boutonnieres for your groomsmen and bridesmaids. However, if you’d prefer to have them, then make sure that you account for them in your floral budget.

4. Arches & Balloons

In the last couple of years, the use of balloons and balloon garlands have become quite popular. There are lots of different options now available and bubble balloons in particular have become very popular. These are basically balloons that have confetti and feathers inside of them. There are even metallic balloons that have tassel type garlands which can really make your wedding decor quite spectacular.

You can even get creative and have a balloon arch to create emphasis on a particular focal point. For example, you can create a drape of balloons for your table with the wedding cake. You can even place balloons in between a couple of your main floral arrangements. When you combine this with a lovely wedding themed backdrop, it will have a powerful impact and serve as a beautiful area to take wedding photos.

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5. Wedding Signs & Props

Wedding props and signage are still used in today’s weddings. They were traditionally used to act as signposts for guests to determine the various locations in your venue. Now, you can get custom signage of all types.

Modern couples are now very creative when it comes to these props and signs. One particularly popular item is metallic hoops. These are usually decorated with lots of foliage and have various wedding phrases in them.

Additionally, different wedding props are absolutely fantastic when it comes to wedding photos. Now, the typical overly formal shots are no longer a must. Wedding photos in these modern times usually tell a story of the couple and of their special day. In some cases, wedding props can be large letters, sparklers, balloons and more.

You should surely consider getting a few custom wedding letters so that you can create a beautiful and unique wedding. You can get as creative as you want and even light up the letters. One popular option is lighting up the new surname of the married couple. However, more couples are now choosing funny and quirky phrases as well.