How to Make Your Quarantine Wedding the Best Time Eve

With the average wedding running upward of $30,000, even a small, low-key affair can turn anyone into Bridezilla. Add a global pandemic to the mix and emotions can get out of hand, fast.

Of course, while hosting a wedding in 2020 as the world deals with COVID-19 isn’t ideal for anyone, it does help you put the focus back on your marriage and not on the wedding planning.

Although your wedding day may not be what you envisioned, that doesn’t mean it has to suck. Here are a few tips for how you can make your quarantine wedding the best ever.

Celebrate Your Big Day Over Zoom

Keeping your family and friends safe during the pandemic doesn’t mean they have to miss out on your pending nuptials. In fact, platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts have and continue to serve a useful purpose beyond workplace teleconferencing, allowing families and friends to come together to celebrate various occasions.

Now, making sure your less tech-savvy family members and friends are able to tune in for all the festivities is another story. That’s why planning ahead is so important. In that vein, it might behoove you in the weeks leading up to your wedding to send out links to video tutorials that explain how to use these digital platforms. You might even want to set up a practice session or two, so everyone can feel comfortable in time for your big day.

If it just doesn’t work or make sense for some people on your guest list, then having some sort of contingency plan in place can help these family members and friends still get to experience and revel in your big day.

Keep and Wear Your Wedding Dress with Pride

If you bought your dream wedding dress — on average, these babies cost more than $1,500 —that you thought you would wear in front of 100 to 200 of your closest family members and friends, what do you do when you no longer have a wedding party? The answer: You rock your wedding dress. Of course, COVID-19 will likely decrease the number of people actively participating in your wedding, but who says you can’t still wear your dress? It doesn’t matter if your wedding ends up in your parents’ backyard or over video teleconferencing; it’s still your special day.

Now, if you didn’t yet buy your wedding dress, use online shopping to your advantage. Order dresses in your style, pay attention to the return window, and have a bridal salon in your own home. Indeed, trying things on at home gives you a chance to grab your strapless bra or pasties, so you can see how a dress really fits. You don’t need to skip the bubbly. Invite your family and friends for a virtual dress-shopping party. It’s a great way to include more people in the wedding excitement, with minimal effort on your part.

Add a Little Spice by Wearing Something Sexy

You should do whatever possible to feel and look beautiful on your special day — just don’t neglect what you put on underneath your wedding dress. Wearing bridal lingerie is that naughty little secret only you know about (for a little while, anyway). Since you’re in quarantine, there’s no need for bridal lingerie to be a one-night thing, either.

Stock up on bridal lingerie essentials, like garters, corsets and white lace everything. Even if your wedding day didn’t match your original vision, your wedding night will surpass all your expectations. In fact, you’re almost guaranteed to spend your first days of wedding bliss in quarantine without a single moment of boredom.

Accept and Embrace This Odd Year’s Circumstances

In spite of the global pandemic canceling weddings or changing the way these big occasions are held, your attention should be focused on all the positives. After all, you’re marrying the love of your life. So, wear your fancy wedding dress and let your friends and family be part of it all. Just don’t forget the bridal lingerie for that super sexy fun time later.