Why You Should Go To The Gym Even If It’s Your Wedding Day

Okay, I made that up but spending the first 30 minutes of your wedding day in the gym will prepare you mentally and physically for the happy day ahead.


But your wedding day aside, there is almost an endless list of reasons to go to the gym everyother day.

And in this post, I will show why you should go to the gym every day in just 5 minutes.

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Bodily Health

Daily exercise is a sure-fire way to take the bar to the maximum on your health. In the gym, you have every gyming instrument possible available to you. Compared to exercising at home, when in the gym, you have an instructor guiding you toward a healthy way of gyming for faster results in real life. Besides, the short walk taken to travel over to the gym is another form of exercise on its own that prepares you for the real thing. Instead of not exercising at all, at the bottom line, going to the gym for a serious working out will reinforce your immune system.

Mental Health

In everything that you do, your mental health is a priority. Yes, read that again and let it digest. When you hit the gym first thing in the morning, you get to prepare your mental muscles for the work ahead of you. Besides, people who gym before going to their places of work are more capable to be productive than those who don’t. The walk to the gym is a sort of meditation on its own and gyming itself is another meditation. When you put all these together every morning, your starts as a fresh new one, leaving the burdens of the past behind you which might have otherwise lead to anxiety and or depression.

Making Friends

People go to the gym to make new friends. Whether it’s meeting a potential business partner or meeting a new future spouse, all of that has happened over and over again in the gym. Most importantly, if you’re introverted and looking to sharpen your friend-making skill, the gym is a great place to start. The friendship spirit in the gym house is really strong and subtle so much that your gyming instructor will inevitably connect you with other gym members.


Being consistent in everything that one does is the key to great and fast results. While taking your exercise rounds at home may put you in the comfort zone whereby your emotions decide whether you’ll work out or not, your gym membership card will make you a consistent gymnast in the long run.

Body Goals

Who doesn’t like having that “perfect body”? While there may be a lot of heated debates about what a perfect body is, everybody sure wants to transform their body into the image at the back of their minds. By constantly going to the gym, you can be instructed toward your body goals and begin to love yourself more than ever before.