Trendy Bags for Women

If there is one accessory that remains timeless its the handbag. Whether you prefer a traditional handbag or a clutch bag, or one of the increasingly popular larger over-the-shoulder type bags which are very much in vogue in 2020, there is plenty to choose from, and online shopping makes your life a lot easier when it comes to choosing the perfect bag.

A bag is part of your outfit so you will want to match it to what you are wearing, and while bags never go out of style, there are certain types that come into trend once in a while, so lets have a closer look at the bags that are going to be trendy in 2020.

Big or Small?

Buying a new bag is something that women put a lot of effort into. Indeed, its hard to explain to a man what a bag actually means to a woman! With so much choice, you want to make sure you find a bag that is versatile in that it can be used with more than one type of outfit and that is stylish enough to remain on-trend for more than just a couple of seasons. You need a bag you can still be carrying in five years time, and that will still be fashionable then.  Be sure to check out this website for great options. 

So, do you buy a big or a small bag? The fashion world is split as to which will be trendy this year, with most leaning towards the bigger bags. If you browse any collection we chose the current range of Celine bags as an example youll find that there are many different options, simply because a bag is a personal choice. All sizes are covered, and youll find a wealth of different finishes and materials, but which is for you?

Coloured or Not?

This is a big decision to make: the traditional choice of bag means choosing one in brown or black, as these are colours that can be paired with anything and still look good. Its a sensible choice for an everyday bag, and will probably be the shade you have for your go tobag for all occasions, but this year sees a move towards colours in the world of handbags, and that could be the way to go if you want something different.

Red and various shades of it, especially darker  is a very popular colour for a handbag, and works well with most outfits. Its easy to wear, looks good, and also makes a nice accessory for a black or grey business outfit. There is also a trend towards lighter shades ivory and off-white especially in the bigger types of bag, as this also works well with most outfits, and looks particularly good with a smart-casual look. Check out name brands for some great designs, and remember that shopping online is your friend!

Different or Traditional?

Do you want to be differenttrendy, or simply to go with the trend of the moment? For the former, there is a case for wearing a belt bag a small and rather unique accessory that takes its cue from the clutch bag and for the trend of the moment, its really up to you as there are a number of different approaches to the this years baglook.

We come back, then, to the fact that while smaller bags remain popular, the big bag is likely to be the one that leads the fashion trends this spring and summer, so we reckon thats where you should start looking. Shop around for the best look and the right deal, and youll find a beautiful bag you can treasure.