What are the 2021 Fashion Trends for Women?

Being fashionable is not just about looking great; its also about being the one who is one step ahead when it comes to this seasons trends! What are we looking at for 2021? What will be the big hits on the catwalk and with retailers? There are always standards that will set the scene for example, a quality handbag is timeless, and will never go out of style but every year brings new shapes and styles to womens fashion trends, so lets see what 2021 has in store.

Bold and Brash

One trend we can expect to see in womens fashion in 2021 is the appearance of many more bold, brash and bright patterns on dresses and trousers. It may take a touch of daring to get away with it at first, but rest assured that if you are first on the scene in a Spanish inspired, intricately patterned silk shirt from, for example, Loewe then you will definitely be setting the trend. Look for patterns that are fully detailed or go for contrast black and white will be in, too and you can stand out yet look the part on any occasion.

Big Bags

We mentioned handbags above; 2021 will continue the trend of bags getting bigger. A few years ago, all you needed was a small, discreet clutch bag to be on trend. For 2021, you will see many more women carrying larger bags over the shoulder types that are immediately notable, in pastel shades or muted colours so make sure you shop around for the right deal. Carry it with pride and make it part of your outfit.

Crochet is In


Once out of fashion in no small way, the gypsy crochet look is definitely making a comeback. Seen om the catwalk in 2019 as a nod to what to expect this year, you will not look out of place in a finely-made crochet dress a daring and yet very stylish approach that will become popular as the warmer months arrive. Go for either black, which is very much a shade for the coming year, or pale colours such as yellow or light blue, and get there before everyone else does this summer.

The Neon Look

Above, we mentioned that 2021 is all about being bright and bold, so how about a neon-look dress or trouser suit for that evening outfit? Were talking bright orange, yellow, green and more all designed to shine and shimmer like neon lights and its a look that is already hitting the high street with ready to wear outfits on offer everywhere. This is a look that is once cool and also very of the moment, and we expect it to be one of the mainstays of the 2021 womens fashion trends.

Bermuda Shorts

Not everyone wants to wear shorts  be aware it is expected that hot-pants will creep into the summer trends this year if you dare  but there is a look that is growing in popularity. Its the semi-business look where you pair a matching blazer jacket with Bermuda shorts, and it looks quite superb. This is a stylish and easy to hit look, one that is in vogue for spring and summer, so get your legs tanned and have a go!

You may have your own preferred look for the coming seasons, and thats how trends begin so dont be afraid to express yourself in 2021! Meanwhile, go shopping for bright colours, daring patterns and big bags, and dont forget to check out the crochet look, but more than anything, be you and enjoy what you wear.