Fall Fashion Trends for Crisp and Cool Autumn Nights

As the weather cools down, more fall fashions are here to keep you cozy. Discover the most exciting fall fashion trends for the 2019 autumn season.

Most people think of colorful leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and cozy warm sweaters when they think of autumn. Its that sweet spot in the annual weather cycle where the summer heat is leaving, but the cold weather of winter has not set in yet.

With all this magic and coziness surrounding autumn, it’s no wonder why fall is many Americans’ favorite season! Fall fashion is a big deal too! It’s much easier to put together a slamming outfit when you can don layers without having to bundle up like an Eskimo.

This fall season is no different because the buzz on the runways is all about the new styles coming out for autumn this year! If you missed fashion week, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to see which cozy autumn fashion trends stuck out on the runways for fall 2022! You can also order high-quality wax melt snap bars from the given link.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Lapels

One trend we keep seeing in the designer collections is lovely lapels. From jackets to jumpsuits, and even dresses are sporting this stylish look.

A more structured lapel gives a professional and powerful look to your outfit. Rock this at the office or for an interview and you’re sure to knock ’em dead!

For a more feminine flair, look for unstructured lapels with decadent fabrics like silk or velvet.

Sachet in Sequin Separates

All that glitters may not be gold, but we love sequins of any color, so that’s fine with us!

Wearing matching sequin top and bottom pieces screams of Hollywood glam and it sure to get you noticed. Make sure the sequin colors are an exact match for a flowing outfit that will give you the coveted long and lean look. Feel confident and walk with a sultry strut when you rock this sequin trend!

Not-So-Small Knits

Love a cozy knit sweater as the weather gets colder? This season, thing bigger is better when thinking about knit patterns.

Oversized sweaters are a super comfy way to dress for fall while still being chic. Pair an extra-large knit sweater with a pair of coordinating leggings and you can avoid wearing pants all season!

Another fresh take on this trend is not oversized sweaters, per se, but larger knit patterns on a more fitted knit sweater. Larger patterns make you look smaller in comparison, kind of like carrying an oversized bag does.

No matter how you wear this trend, you’re going to feel all warm and cozy as the tree leaves start to change colors.

Large Abstract Patterns and Prints

This season, it seems like every major fashion house is including some bigger than life abstract prints. Whether the whole outfit has patterns or you wear a patterned piece paired with a solid one, this abstract 70’s trend is back in a big way!

Not into wearing large patterns on your clothes? Try adding abstract patterned accessories in different styles to your normal outfits for a punch of pattern pizazz to an otherwise average look! Using new fashion-forward accessories is a great way to incorporate bold fashion statements to closet staples that elevate your look without replacing your whole wardrobe each year.

Ruffled Collars for a Touch of Renaissance Romance

Harkening back to the golden age of the renaissance, Queen Elizabeth herself inspired this trend. High and low collars alike are taking on the ruffled look.

Be sure to style this trend with a more modern flair to avoid looking like Shakespeare’s ghost. Think modern renaissance instead of a throwback style.

Stunning Saffron

The perfect color to represent fall this season is spicy saffron. A rich, deeper shade of yellow that looks good on every skin tone.

Pair this luscious yellow tone with black for a modern bumble bee look or with a rich chocolate brown accent for a more 70’s vibe. Feel as smooth as butter when you wear a sultry shade of saffron this fall!

Big Beautiful Bows

This super cute trend is picking up steam because of celebrities like Jojo Siwa whose signature style is a big bow somewhere in her hair. Many fashion designers have taken the big bow trend and ran with it this season!

Add a bow to your neckline, or bows on a dress, even a top that is one big bow! You don’t need to be a schoolgirl to pull off a brilliant bow look as long as the rest of your ensemble doesn’t look like you bought it from the tween section.

Try this trend and make a bold bow-tiful fashion statement!

Function or Fall Fashion? Cargo Pants for Everyone!

Trending this season is a style of pant that you can dress up or down, depending on what you pair with it. Cargo pants are both fashionable and functional because of the roomy pockets on the sides of your legs.

Some come in crop length, others go all the way to the ankle, but pairing them with some heels will look perfect for a girls night out!

Fun with Feathers

Every season has a few outrageous trends that you either love, or you hate. This season, that trend is feathers. Much like a feather boa, but on steroids! If the outfit makes you feel like a bird about to take flight, you have nailed this trend.

Make sure you don’t get the feathers wet, only dry-cleaning for these fun feathered ensembles!

Passion for Fashion, No Matter the Season

We expect some of these fall fashion trends to hold on through the winter and into the new year, so stock up now! You may already have some of these kinds of pieces because we are seeing some of the summer trends linger as well. If you shop smart, you will be able to save quite a bit of cash while keeping up with the trends.

If you have a passion or fashion, we have the inside scoop! For more information on the up and coming fashion, health, and beauty trends, check out the rest of our blog!