The Ultimate Travel Outfit Guide for Women

Travel is something which every woman wants to do comfortably yet fashionably. But many fail to match comfort with style and end up having a less than a perfect experience while travelling. Moreover, as the distance of the travel increases, the more you feel like ditching your uncomfortable clothes and getting into your comfortable pajamas.

Whine no more, because here are some amazing outfits which will not only amplify your look but also let you breathe in your clothes. Here are six outfits that will work for every woman, irrespective of the mode of transport:

1. The Jeans look

Let’s start with the ever trust worthy jeans look. Wearing a good pair of stretchy jeans can never go wrong while travelling. Remember to avoid skinny jeans at all cost and instead go for the more flexible ones. Pair it with a neutral colored, soft cotton T- Shirt and snickers and you are ready to go! Throw in a light jacket if it’s windy or if you need that extra something if you are feeling cold. You can also wear bellies instead of sneakers but try to avoid high heels as those can really kill your mood for a long-distance travel. Check out for some good discounts on jeans using Fordeal coupon codes.

2. The Sweatpants Look

It’s a bygone era when sweatpants were used only for working out. Today, everyone including celebrities can be spotted wearing sweatpants while travelling. And why not? They make you feel comfortable and look chic. Wear a simple pair of monotone sweatpants along with a long-sleeved cotton top or a light sweater. Avoid wearing heavy jewelry with this outfit and keep it sporty. Finish off the look with a good pair of ankle length boots or sneakers.

3. The Scarf Look

A scarf is one of the best investments that a woman can make while travelling. A good scarf can go a long way. It is such a versatile piece of clothing that one can don it in so many different styles. You can wrap it around your neck in so many unique ways or just wrap it around your shoulder. Scarves add just the right amount of sophistication in a look. You can wear a scarf either with the Jeans look or the Skirt look.

4. The Skirt Look

A skirt of the right length and right material can bring so much of comfort in your travel. Wear a mid-length skirt or a knee length skirt for the maximum amount of comfort. A short skirt can attract unwanted attention during your travel. Try pairing it with a flowy shirt or a comfortable T-Shirt with a good color contrast to the skirt. You can also wear a sleeveless top if it’s summer time. Try to avoid bright colors during travel. You can also, carry a light shawl in case you need it. Keep it light on your feet and wear some nice pastel flats, bellies or ankle length boots and to find a great choice of styles go with Zaful and try out Zaful coupon codes for additional savings.

5. The Dress Look

A simple dress never goes out of style specially a black one. It is an apt combination of both comfort and fashion. Put on a dress which is neither too short nor too long. A knee-length one would be the best choice along with a pair of chic sandals or flats. You can also try wearing kitten toe heels with it.

6. The Leggings Look

Leggings are the new trend. They have turned up as the ultimate travel pants because of their comfort and flexibility. They are comfortable enough to sleep in as well as travel in. Match it with a single tone T-Shirt like a grey colored one, sneakers and a light jacket/sweater or a cardigan.

Along with these basic looks, do try to keep your make-up to the minimal. You can add some femininity to your look by adding a simple bracelet, a pair of top earrings or a pendant but don’t go for excessive jewelry. Moreover, it is always wise to carry a bag while travelling. Sport a big with enough space for your touch up items that you need to have. Also, don’t travel with a bag which doesn’t have a top closure as it might draw the attention of pick pockets. (Try out Sivvi discount codes for some amazing offers on good bags). These are the basic mantras that you need to have and you are ready to travel the world!