4 Footwear Items That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Shoes are something that we as human beings will forever need. However, footwear fashion has incredibly expanded as a way to meet everyone’s needs and wants. Nowadays, you can surely find something that you will like and that you will enjoy wearing. Footwear is no longer solely a necessity, it is also a fashion statement, as you wear different types of shoes for different occasions and with different outfits.

Every season, every year, fashionistas will come up with a new idea and a new trend will start. However, there are, and there will always be, a few traditional pieces of footwear that will remain staples in everyone’s closet. These are the ones you can rely on always and definitely wear them more than once.

Black High Heels

Having a pair of black high heels is a staple in every woman’s closet. I think most people would agree that this simple but effective footwear will never go out of fashion due to its incredible versatility. Wearing black will almost always go with any outfit and almost every occasion. It can make you look sexy without wanting to get too much attention but it can also make you look put together and professional. You can wear a pair of black heels at an important event, with a dress. On the other hand, you can also wear them to work with a nice back skirt and a blazer. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that you will always have appropriate footwear if you have a pair of black high heels in your closet.

Flip Flops

When we think about flip flops, high levels of comfort come to mind. This is a required footwear item that everyone should own, and not necessarily only those who live by the beach. Obviously, flip flops are highly associated with going to the beach, and maybe this was their main purpose a few years ago, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays you can also wear flip flops as a fashion accessory, and it is certainly something that will stay in fashion for the long run. There are various types of flip flops that you can find available in the market and there will be a style suitable for every style and comfort needs. However, havaianas thongs remain one the most fashionable and comfortable, and one of the reasons common flip flops have become fashion staples. Although they can be more expensive than common and traditional flip flops, they will also last you a lot longer.


This one may be rather obvious, but sneakers are definitely one of the most common items of footwear that will never go out of fashion. Sneakers were initially associated with sports and running, but long gone are those days. Many individuals often wear sneakers as part of their daily life, even when not being active. There are many different brands and styles of sneakers available and almost every season, new trainers are released, even with celebrities releasing their own model. People wear these to work and to go out all the time, and it is something you can wear if you want to look good and feel good, considering most trainers are so comfortable. Although there are trainers out there that are a lot of fun and are designed with bright and fluorescent colors, these are not necessarily always in fashion – if you want something that you will always be able to wear, go for something neutral such as black or white.


Boots are another footwear item that will not go out of fashion because there are so many different uses for it – both for women and men. If you have ever been out shopping, you will be aware that there are so many different types of boots you can get – from ankle boots to knee-high ones. These are items that have been worn by different generations, and it only makes sense that it remains with generations to come.

Boots are more often used in the winter, although there are some open toe ones that certainly allow you to show off during warmer seasons. The variety of styles is positively overwhelming, as you can get high heel boots or flat ones, depending on your needs and wants. Whatever style you have, there will certainly be a pair of boots that you can have in your closet that you will always be able to style and wear.

Shoes can be incredibly fun, as many people go as far as to collect them. However, for those of us who are more minimalistic and practical, there are a few traditional footwear items that will never go out of style. Remember that fashion is fun and you can always make your own, rather than confirming social expectations.