Is sanitizing your hands enough for your protection against Covid-19?

Coronavirus is also known as Covid-19 emerged in December 2019 which has been infecting people around the globe. It is a deadly virus that has resulted in innumerable deaths and made millions of people sick as it is spread through physical interactions so social distancing is promoted which locked up almost the entire world. Being a new medical condition, there is no vaccine available to cure it but the only method to stay protected from it is to take care of cleanliness.

Importance of sanitizers on hands

Sanitization of hands is very important in such conditions because our hands touch everywhere which increases the risks of transmitting or receiving the virus which is spread through touch and can be present on any surface so keeping your hands clean can reduce the risk of getting infected. Sanitizers are used to prevent the transfer of viruses by killing them as the amount of alcohol present in sanitizers is lethal for bacterias.

Having a hand sanitizer with you can spare you from the trouble of searching for water and washing your hands within short time periods.

Buy hand sanitizer gel at La Clinica to safeguard yourself and whenever you touch any surface or shake hands with people, just pour an ample amount of sanitizer on your palm, rub it evenly on your hands until it is dried and most of the bacteria on your hands is killed.

Is sanitizing your hands enough?

Sanitization of hands can reduce the spread but it is not enough to protect yourself from the virus. Along with sanitization, other methods of protection have to be used because only sanitizers cannot work a great deal against this sickness. Here’s what you can do

Wash your hands

Medical professionals recommend you to wash your hands evenly for at least 20 seconds to get rid of the virus thoroughly because water and soap can work better than sanitizers. They only recommend sanitizer if the water is not accessible but as soon as you find water, wash your hands.

Social distancing

Distancing yourself from society can restrain the virus from spreading around by close interaction with the people around you. You must maintain a safe distance from everyone. Stay at least 1 meter away from others because, from this length, you cannot be infected directly. Going to crowded places and having physical interactions with people boost the spread. Avoid having get-togethers and going outside if it is not important.  If you encounter symptoms you should get tested right away and educate yourself on the various types of covid tests.

Wear a mask

The world went through a complete lockdown which shut off all activities and the world suffered drastically but lockdown could not be sustained forever so with precautionary measures, the world returned back to its routine but wearing a surgical mask is made compulsory because covering your nose and mouth is as important and sanitizing your hands because the virus infects your body through your face. Wearing a mask can help physical protection as well as protection of people around you.