Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Nails are an appealing and eye-catching part of your personality if you take good care of them. The way you care about your skin and hair so that they can be healthy and look good, you should also care for your nails as it is an important part of hygiene. 

If taken care of properly, your nails can look perfect. Try to pay attention to your nails and spare a day at least in two weeks to pamper them. Not only manicure but nail health is also important; in fact, it should be a top priority when it comes to beauty and health. 

However, there are some mistakes that almost every one of us commits unintentionally, which contribute to nail damage. They are as follows:

Improper Diet 

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

The diet helps nourish our whole body, including nails. But proper nourishment is possible only by a proper and healthy diet. If you are cheating regularly and not having the right and prerequisite nutrients for yourself, you are ruining them as your food directly affects the nails, skin, and hair. 

The question may come to your mind: what are the nutrients you should take to promote the health of your nails? Just stop drinking plenty of carbonated drinks. These drinks are unhealthy not only for your nails but for every part of your body. So, stop relying on sodas and prefer fresh juices, shakes, or smoothies. 

Having junk food and neglecting raw vegetables and fruits also ruin the nails, so try to include more green leafy vegetables and foods having magnesium and calcium. 


Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

It is a common problem in today’s generation that we compromise our health so much and avoid drinking water. We will stay dehydrated without drinking a cup full of water throughout the day and then realize it later. 

You should be more consistent with your health care and stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your nails, skin, and hair healthy. Hydration will make your skin shiny and glowing. There are a million benefits of drinking water. 

Nail Biting

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

It is common for most people to bite nails, especially when they are under stress or bored. This is undoubtedly one of the gross habits you can do. Nails capture bacteria and pathogens from the environment and the food you eat. When you bite them, you are inviting them to go inside your body and harm it. 

How can biting harm your nails? The smooth and shiny surface of nails will automatically be destroyed when you bite your nails. This will render them brittle and easily breakable under minor stresses. Beware not to harm your nails this way. 

Scratching Your Nail Paint

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Girls should be careful about their internal as well as external beauty. Your nails are a part of your body, and you are supposed to take care of them. If you apply nail polish on your nails, refrain from scratching them. This will disturb the keratin and lead to rough and brittle nails that are ultimately at a higher risk of being broken. 

What happens is you see that your nail paint is a little flaky, so you start scraping it off. The thin external layer of water and sebum keeps them safe from external forces. Nails have several layers, and scratching them inhumanely will disturb the normal alignment of these orderly layers. When you disturb the normal anatomy of something, it will not function in the normal manner that it is supposed to do. 


Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Acrylics have been popular among women, and we love our nails looking colorful, right? But what does it cost to get gels and acrylics done on nails? It is not about the money. It is about the process your nails have to go through for having acrylics on. The nails are cleaned and buffed so that you can get colorful acrylics on them. The process of buffing will weaken your nails and increase the risk of them getting broken easily. 

Apart from the process, the chemicals used in gels and acrylics are also harmful in their own way. Try avoiding these processes and let your nails breathe as they are living organs. 

Keeping Hands in Water for a Prolonged Period

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Women have a lot of home chores to get busy with, like doing the dishes and laundry. But, do you know that keeping your hand for a long time in water can damage your nails. Excess water can soften the nails, after which they are easily breakable. You can avoid this by splitting your chores into parts.

Using Nails for Heavy Lifting

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Nails are so sensitive, and we have seen women opening cans with their nails. You are doing nothing but harming them by doing this. Therefore, be kind to this small sensitive part of your body. This can break them so easily that you can’t even imagine.

Shaking Nail Polish Bottle before Use

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Almost all of us shake our nail polish bottles before application. This creates air bubbles if done vigorously, and they may sometimes pop, leaving holes in your manicure. Therefore, sudden and fast movement of the applicator during manicure should be avoided.

Forgetting to Apply a Base Coat

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Applying a base coat helps reinforce the nails and make them smooth. This will avoid any irregular and bumpy appearance of your nails. If you want an even and uniform nail paint that lasts longer, you should never ditch the base coat before applying polish.

The base can also be used alone. It makes your nails shine brighter and boosts your confidence. 

Cutting your Cuticles

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

It is a common mistake that most women make during a manicure. Softening of cuticles with oil or soaking in water should be preferred over cutting them. After softening, push the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. Moreover, moisturizing your hands can even make the process easier.

Using Harmful Chemicals for Polishing

Many nail paints contain chemicals that can impose harm on your nails. One of the notorious agents is formaldehyde that can be found in the majority of nail paints that you are using. Fortunately, some brands have succeeded in launching nail polishes that are free from such agents. Hence, you can trust them for your nails’ health. You should be curious about the brands like these and prioritize keeping your nails healthy, even with style. 

Continuous Use of Acetone 

Mistakes that Might Destroy Your Nails

Women are picky, and they want to switch nail paints daily to match the color with that of clothes. But continuous use of acetone has been proven to harm your nails as nothing else can. Don’t be harsh with your nails and cuticles. You may think that nail polish remover is your helper, but it isn’t true. If used often, it can cause more damage. 


Enlisted above are the things that may destroy your nails. To keep them safe, shiny, and enhance their growth, be vigilant about their hygiene. Moreover, you can also add biotin supplementation that helps in the growth of hair, skin, and nails altogether.