Japanese device EyeSystem brings back colours to your life

In the modern world, a person spends most of his free time with a smartphone. Most jobs are computer related. People spend more than 8 hours in front of screens daily. Poor sleep and diet, bad habits and stress are the factors that affect vision loss. In the 21st century, eye diseases, common to elderly people such as myopia are already affecting younger as well, even more, every second schoolchild at the age of 15-16.

How to improve the situation? For maintaining vision in future, we should do the following:

  • Live a healthy life;
  • get rid of bad habits;
  • improve sleep and make it complete;
  • give up using phone, computer, TV one hour prior and after sleep (let the body wake up and get ready for bed);
  • improve blood circulation of eyes and blood vessels.

The first four points are clear, what about the last one?

International Association System 5/95 together with Japanese and Korean scientists have developed unique device EyeSystem. It combines 7 methods of impact such as: 

  • acupressure – pressure with air on certain eye areas;
  • infrared heat – it enhances blood circulation, reduces swelling, relieves spasms;
  • low-frequency vibration improves the nutrition of the eye muscles;
  • stone Wellness with the use of Nano-Tourmaline, a unique alloy of minerals recovers skin, enriches it with oxygen and removes toxins;
  • healthy negative air ions  –  its balance restoration;
  • magnetic field effect;
  • relaxing music, 12 sounds of nature.

Thanks to characteristics of EyeSystem, the blood flow of head vessels is improved. Nutrition of eye structures improves as well and blood saturates with oxygen. This preserves eye health, reduces fatigue, and helps to improve vision.

It is recommended to use EyeSystem daily by System 5/95 – a well-balanced Japanese program of daily health recovery. The purpose of this program is disease prevention. According to it, 5% of your time that is about an hour daily, you dedicate to recovery and the remaining 95% enjoy life and wellness.

Owners of EyeSystem device use it themselves and readily recommend it for use others.

EyeSystem helps to improve vision and relieve headaches. Users of this device note that EyeSystem has brought colors back into their lives.