11 High-Quality Women’s Clothing Brands to Buy Online

When you’re shopping for new clothing, it’s important to choose high-quality brands that will last season after season. Women’s clothing brands are abundant, so it can seem like an overwhelming process.

Particularly when you shop online, it’s critical that you choose a boutique that is known for offering premium brands.

How to Recognize Quality

Before you even begin shopping for high-quality clothing, there are a few things to help you know what makes a piece of clothing worth it.

A few things you should look for include:

  • Premium materials
  • Secure seams
  • Secure buttons
  • High reviews

Once you take the time to explore what a brand has to offer, you can shop for what you want with greater confidence.

Imagine That Boutique                       

Imagine That Boutique is an online women’s boutique rather than a brand – though it is dedicated to carrying a wide array of top brands that you can depend on. Some of the brands you can shop from here include Simply Southern, Vineyard Vines, Couture Tee, and more.

The online boutique allows you to shop for women’s clothing brands that are popular and trendy. You’ll be able to shop for tops and blouses, dresses, cardigans and kimonos, pants, skirts, and much more.

You’ll even be able to find a few Imagine That Boutique originals from time to time – and this ensures you have unique, high-quality designs that you can flaunt for any occasion.


Able is an ethical brand that is looking to end generational poverty by choosing to pay a fair wage to women around the world. The brand focuses on quality materials and stylish designs to appeal to women of all ages.

The apparel found within the Able brand encompasses everything from tops and tees to jumpsuits to jackets. Additionally, their sizes cover virtually every woman, from XXS to 3X.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert offers exciting pieces that have been carefully considered in terms of material used and the overall design. Additionally, the brand has made the commitment to plant a tree with every purchase – and they’ve planted over 220,000 trees in North America as a result of their promise.

The brand’s commitment to the environment produces high-quality clothing while also focusing on eliminating as much waste as possible. The clothing is affordably priced and covers a wide array of soft, chic materials.


ASOS is a full online store with thousands of options for both fashion and beauty. The one thing you’ll want to be on the lookout for is the ASOS house labels. It’s a chance to save money in comparison to buying from luxury labels. All of the clothing is on-trend and provides you with high-value items that you can wear again and again.


As you might expect, Kotn is a brand that focuses on providing cotton clothing – and more specifically, soft Egyptian cotton. While you can depend on them for women’s clothing, they also have a full men’s line as well.

The brand works directly with cotton farmers to get a fair price. You can find tees, sweatshirts, and a number of classic items to create a basis for your wardrobe.

LL Bean

LL Bean is a high-quality brand that dates back to 1912. They are well-known for providing clothing that is for the adventurous at heart. Many of the designs are classic, allowing you to wear them year after year without having to worry about the latest fashion trend.

While the brand isn’t the most affordable on the market, the materials are durable enough to last. They are rugged, allowing you to incorporate them into all of your outdoor activities.


Madewell is just as the name implies – fashion that is made well. If the name sounds familiar, they are also tied to J. Crew. They focus on a significant amount of denim as well as other trendy materials. You can find everything from uniforms to casual attire throughout the brand – including some of the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing.

It’s a one-stop brand that you can depend on to outfit your entire closet. Perhaps the best part is that the jeans come in three lengths: petite, regular, and tall. It ensures that they appeal to all body types.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices has decided to specialize in activewear. The brand has risen to popularity because of its use of ethical production methods and recycled materials. The materials have been carefully chosen to ensure that they can hold up to even the most active forms of exercise.

Sustainably-produced merino wool is one of the most popular offerings from the brand because it leads to a durable and affordable product. Beyond leggings and hoodies, they also have products for men.


Pact has become a brand that is both environmentally friendly and affordable – two concepts that don’t typically go together. It allows you to find soft, comfortable clothing that is almost always organic.

You can find a variety of categories to shop within – tops, leggings, and more. While colors and patterns are limited within each category, they can offer you premium materials to incorporate into your wardrobe.


What’s unique about Ssense is that it’s a collection of curated pieces that includes fashion from luxury designers as well as independent ones. Due to the curation process, you can rest assured that each and every piece of women’s clothing on the site is of the highest quality. It’s a chance to find pieces from top names like Gucci and Chanel as well as that one-of-a-kind piece from an up-and-coming local designer.


Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that has grown to become popular. The selection is simple, focusing more on quality than on variety. The designs won’t break the bank, and you can find a bit of everything from them.

Not only will you find modern workwear and denim, but you’ll also find performance workout clothes. Some of the designs start at only $10. As a bonus, there are some limited-edition collections to be found where they collaborate with other brands and designers for something truly unique.