Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

“Change is inevitable,” this statement is true for everything. Nothing remains the same. Humans have dynamic nature; they strive for better in everything. They want to achieve perfection, and when that certain point is reached, another desire replaces the previous one. This cycle of change goes on and on, resulting in evolution in everything around humans. 

For centuries, women have adorned themselves with makeup and accessories. It started with simple organic materials like rose petals, lavender, and other aromatic herbs. With time and the invention of new things, makeup for women also changed drastically. 

Over the decades, a change in makeup techniques was seen among women. This change was brought about by influential but stylish women who had an audience and knew how to impact other women. This was the time when celebrities like movie stars and politicians were the only women in power. Whatever style they wore would become a target for everyone to follow. Everything was that simple until the advent of the internet. Now, style icons could be anyone with a camera and “followers.”

No matter how change was brought upon, what’s important is that many styles from the past have become popular again. Vintage makeup looks have started to become the new cool among men and women alike. Influencers and makeup artists of social media pick a look from previous decades and give it a trendy effect. We love recreating old makeup techniques and still look chic.

Want to know what vintage makeup looks are surfacing again? Read on as we take you on a colorful journey of makeup glam.

Heavy Blush

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

Tinted cheeks were a common thing in the early ‘30s. Women preferred to apply heavy color on their cheeks for a prominent and bold look. With that came the trend of using blush powder to contour the nose and jawline. Feeling old yet? You should, because both these techniques have become popular again. Instead of nude colors, dark and shimmery colors are used to blush the cheeks generously. 

Some women, inspired by anime girls, like to apply blush over the nose from one cheek to another. And they don’t look bad at all! In fact, the heavy blush looks amazing even if the rest of the makeup is kept minimal.

Winged Eyeliner

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

Surprised? Well, winged eyeliner is as old as Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Look up her name, and you will find that her illustrations have winged eyeliner which she wore to honor gods Horus and Ra. Even the eye of the Horus has a funky-looking eyeliner drawn. This trend was in fashion in the ‘60s as well, and for a few years, it has become a daily routine for women. 

While it is extremely popular, applying winged eyeliner can be a bit tricky. You need steady hands and patience to draw the perfect wing. Tons of tutorials are available on the internet with variations. If you haven’t mastered this art, you are certainly not alone.

Smokey Eyes


Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

Yes, this one is not recent either. It goes back to the ‘30s when women preferred winged eyeliners and dark eye shadows to create dramatic looks. Such looks were common among teenage girls who liked to be called “goth” and rebellious, among others. Today, the trend remains almost the same, with slight variations in the choice of colors. Nude brown colors with a bit of mascara are enough to create minimalistic smokey eyes. Whether you apply winged liners or heavy mascara, this look is perfect for daytime.

Red Lips

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

Bold, dark lipsticks were extremely popular in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Though trends have changed since then until nude shades took over, red lipsticks are back in fashion. Honestly, nothing can go wrong with red or maroon lipstick paired with light color outfits. Winged eyeliner with red lips completes the whole look. Not only does it look good, but it also gives off a very authoritative vibe making it perfect for important meetings and a fancy date night.

Funky Eyes

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

You might have seen makeup artists using a complicated cut-crease technique on the eyes. It instantly gives a neat look to the eye and enhances the shades that were used under it. But this technique is not new at all. Dame Lesley Lawson, aka Twiggy, was a famous English model during the 1960s. Her unique style with short hair and long lashes earned her much praise. It was her who introduced the world with exaggerated eyes. 

Now, eye shadows are applied way out of the eyelids with extended eyeliner. False eyelashes, which used to be natural in length, are getting longer and more dramatic. The overall enhanced look of the eyes can be carried with a variety of outfits and on various occasions. 

Minimal Makeup

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

The much-adapted “no-makeup” or “zero makeup” look is in the news these days. Designers and artists are coming up with all-in-one pallets organized just to achieve this minimal makeup look. During the 1970s, women were actively participating in freedom movements, and they wanted to convey that they don’t need a ton of makeup on their faces to look beautiful. They introduced colors and techniques that enhanced natural features while giving a fresh, woke-up-like-this look. 

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Neon Colors

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

These days, anything that looks good is a trend. There are no hard and fast rules anymore. People like to experiment with different products, and once an experiment is achieved and published over the internet, it becomes a trend. The use of neon and graphic colors for eyes is one such example. Unlike the traditional blending of shades, graphic eyeliners are enough to complete makeup for the eyes. They are applied in different strokes and colors, giving a funky yet gorgeous look. 

In the ‘70s, women used such techniques to get the much-awaited recognition and give off strong, punk vibes.

Nude Lipsticks

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

Contrary to red lips, nude lip shades are also in fashion these days. Thanks to models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, who rocked warm, brown shaded in the ‘80s and ‘90s, nude lipsticks have become a choice for many women. 

For minimal makeup looks, such tones work great if done right. Nude lipsticks are also preferred by women who don’t like loud colors and like to stay low-key yet trendy.

False Beauty Marks

Vintage Makeup Looks That Might Be Back in Fashion

There was a time when facial marks like freckles and moles were looked down upon. Women would cover them with makeup and deny their existence. Until Marilyn Monroe, the gorgeous beauty, queen enhanced her beauty marks and looked as beautiful as ever. Since then, many celebrities embrace their beauty marks. 

These days, they are so trendy that women love to draw faux marks on their faces using makeup products. Freckles over the nose and cheeks, a mole at the side of the mouth; you name it. We won’t deny it; they look really cool and pretty.

The Full Cycle of Makeup

Among the many benefits of the internet is the freedom it has given to people of all ages. Anyone and everyone can set the trend and be called a beauty queen. Many have tried taking inspiration from the icons of the past and successfully gave them a modern touch. We can be sure that this is not it, and this cycle of evolution in makeup will keep on coming back every few decades.