Cute outfit ideas to dress up your baby girl on her birthday

Time flies by in the blink of an eye when you’re a busy mom and sometimes it seems like your baby girl is growing way too fast.When you think about every milestone it feels like only a short whileagoshe got her first tooth, thenyou watched her take her first steps, then you celebrated her first birthday and now all of a sudden, it’s her birthday again. It’s both an overwhelming and fascinating journey and you surely don’t want to miss any opportunity to celebrate every special moment along the way.

As your baby girl is growing older, planning her birthday party becomes a more difficult task. She’s going to make new friends, so there are going to be more guests involved each year, she’ll have her own ideas on how to organize everything and of course she’s going to be a lot pickier about heroutfits.

When you start planning a birthday party for your kid, there are three important steps you should follow, so you don’t stress pointlesslyand end up snoozing in a corner on the big day while the guests are having all the fun.Here’s what you should do:

  • Decide on a date for the party – if your baby girl’s birthday falls during the week, it can be difficult for some guests to attend. You might want to consider celebrating it the weekend before or the weekend after, whichever works best for you.
  • Make it a theme party – it’scertainly easier to plan and organizewhen you have a theme in mind, not to mention theme parties are much more fun than regular ones. From food tocolour schemes,birthday ribbons and other décor elements, you can match everything with your theme and create a wonderful setting that all kids will love.
  • Choose the cutest birthday outfit – your girl is the star of the show and she must shine like no other, so you must come up with the cutest most adorable birthday outfit you can think of for this special day. In fact, why settle for one outfit when you can have more? You can choose one that matches the theme of the party and is great for the photo shoot and another one for the rest of the day. Or you can be a little extra and choose even more outfits since your kid will probably ruin them in seconds anyway and you must come prepared with a few backup plans.

If planning can give you a few headaches, choosing your baby’s outfit will make up for all of it. Maybe your girl hasn’t developed her taste in fashion just yet, but you sure love to play dress up with your baby girl. It’s so much fun to let your imagination run wild,play with colours and create outfits for your little one that you can never run out of ideas.But for a birthday party everything must be extra special, so if you want to make your kid look spectacular, you can shop baby clothes online, as well as check out this wonderful outfit ideas that will melt everyone’s hearts.

Matching outfits

You might have done this before, but transforming your baby girl into a miniature version of yourself by wearing matching clothessimply doesn’t get old. Of course, her birthday should be all about herself, but if she’s going to change clothes multiple times, you can choose one matching outfit for the party. If you don’t have the exact same outfits in your wardrobe, feel free to improvise. To make the resemblance even more striking, get you hair done the same way and wear similar accessories. It will be like looking into a mirror.


We haven’t conducted any research yet, but based on common knowledge we can safely say that most girls dream of becoming ballerinas one day. You can make her dream come true by choosing the fluffiest tutu, dress her up in pink from head to toe and make her feel like the most beautiful ballerina in the world. Don’t forget to pull her hair up in a classic bun and add some finishing touches like a shiny hair bandor some sparkly hairclips that complement the outfit.

Disney princess

We know girls are madly in love with Disney princesses and to be honest, so are most moms. If your baby girl has a favourite Disney princess she’ll be thrilled to be dressed up like her much-loved heroine. Ideally, you’ll find a costume that will transform her in a real-life princess, but if you don’t have the perfect outfit you can use your imagination and re-create it yourself with different clothing items.

Minnie Mouse

This one is a classic and there are tons of options in kids’ clothing departments, so it’s probably the safest and most affordableoutfit idea for you baby’s birthday party. Besides, if you’re having a Minnie Mouse themed party, the outfit is a must-have. Your little mouse will look beyond cute, no matter which version of the costume you choose. Clearly, the icing on the cake will be the mouse ears headband, but you can also paint a few mouse whiskers for some cuteness overload.

Flower pixie

You simply can’t go wrong with flowers for a girl’s birthday party, so why not dress her upas a flower pixie for her special day? Choose the most colourful and bright floral dress you can find and add as many flowery accessories as possible. But this whimsical outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of delicate wings sprinkled with some magic dust to make your little pixielook like she came straight out of a fairy-tale.

Dreamy unicorn

Since we’re exploringthe fantastic realm of magical creatures, a unicorn costume can be another great outfit idea for your girl.Unicorn outfits are popular for Halloween,but who’s to say your kid can’t be whatever she wants to be on her birthday? You can choose a unicorn onesie or you can opt for a tutu, justdon’t forget about the magical horn and the rainbow tail.