What Are TheTop Factors To Review When Choosing A Sewing Machine For Beginners

Deciding to learn a new craft is challenging. This is especially the case if you are going to use a new machine for that vocation. Learning how to operate it effectively for maximum output or even for a beautiful product. Sewing is no exception. From having that passion to learning and finally making a garment.

You want to get a sewing machine that is easy to use and one that is fully functioning. There are various factors that you need to consider when looking for a sewing machine for beginners. Such as:

1. The Cost

There are multiple brands available from which you can choose. You can do a deep dive on the internet to look for the best sewing machine for you at a friendly cost. You want to consider a machine that will also last long while giving you the best value for your money.

2. Mechanical as opposed to a computerized sewing machine:

As a beginner, you want to start with a mechanical sewing machine other than the computerized one as you learn the necessary sewing skills. Not only are mechanical machines easier for a beginner to use, but they are also light and easy to carry around. The computerized ones tend to be pricier as they have more features and parts.

3. Stitches

When researching on the best machine to use, you not only need to consider the number of stitches that it comes with but also the type of stitches. There are main types that a good sewing machine should have. These are:

  • The most common straight stitch
  • Zigzag for finishing raw edges
  • blind hem
  • buttonhole
  • sketch stitch
  • knit stitch
  • Tri-motion and many others.

4. The Features

You want to ensure the machine you finally settle for has all the necessary features. An option for the addition of advanced features in the future as you continue to progress is an additional advantage.

5. Noise

Some machines tend to produce sound while they are being used. You do not want a machine that will be distracting everyone around you if you work during early or late hours.

6. The rate of using the machine.

You may be learning a sewing skill for personal use, or you consider starting a business. Based on this, you can go for a machine that will be durable to sustain your heavy use.  This can also determine how complex the machine is also going to be.


Once you have all these factors in mind, you can visit a dealer near to compare the specific machines and brands. Visiting a dealer’s shop is beneficial as you get to see all the attachments that you can purchase.

In addition to this, you can be shown how the machine is operated. They can also let you know the after-sales service they offer, such as servicing the machine, repairs, and general maintenance.

You also get to test the machine that you settle on. You can carry a few fabrics and some threads with you for this exercise.