From Functional Brakes to Appropriate Footwear – Here Are Some Accident Prevention Tips

Every other busy day on the roads, you might witness some cars crashing into each other. This issue seems to be growing over time since every household is in possession of a car and the roads have seemed to become busier and crowded.

Auto crashes can be terrifying. They are still very regular events. As a matter of fact, a regular driver would be included in about four car crashes of his or her life. Considering that accidents can occur anywhere, and at any moment, it is crucial to have a contingency.

This article will explain some of the common protective methods that you can use to protect yourself from car accident injuries.

Let’s explain

Keep Your Brakes Optimized

Efficiently working brakes are the first step to being secure on the road. They help you slow down your car and stop it in times of traffic or crisis. By now, everyone who has a basic working knowledge of cars must know about the importance of brakes, their working, and how they help you modify the way you drive.

Brakes can wear out and depreciate over time. This is why they need to be replaced after their useful life. Old brakes have lower stopping power and they can take more time to function. You need to take your car out for regular maintenance so your mechanic can keep a track of your brakes and brake oil.

A better option is to get a car that functions with ABS brakes. These brakes stop your wheels from rotating as soon as they are applied. Over the years, the ABS braking system has been known to prevent many cars from dangerous skidding and helped drivers gain more control over the vehicle.

Keep Your Entire Focus on the Road

The reason behind millions of accidents is that the drivers are usually distracted by other activities like eating, drinking, and the ever-dreaded “mobile phone use”. Distracted driving is actually the reason why car accidents happened. If you read the history of car accidents, you will be clear on what we are talking about.

Governments across the globe are driving campaigns to prevent people from using their phones while they are behind the wheel.

Keep both your hands on the steering wheel and keep things like food, drinks, and gadgets away from your sight. Even if there is a huge traffic jam or you are stopped by a red signal, make sure that you have your hands free on and everything else is placed properly in their relevant holders.

Secure Objects That Could Set Lose

Many people like keeping their things in the car because it is much easier than having to move them indoors and outdoors again and again. However, it can be quite dangerous for you and the people who sit in your cars. These loose objects can actually turn into dangerous projectiles that could be thrown at you or others and thus distracting you from the wheel.

Making sure that you and all the travelers are comfortably seated and safe in the car would also minimize the likelihood of a collision. Seatbelts and airbags are intended to operate in a specific manner for the location of individuals in the car and seating inappropriately and can impair the stability and efficacy of any safety precaution.

Adding infant car seats properly is highly necessary for the safety of any child. If you are using car seats that are attached to seatbelts, check that the belt is going around the seat appropriately and that the seatbelt is tensioned tightly so the car seat can move far less than possible in the case of a collision.

Keep an Eye on Those Airbags

Airbags aren’t as soft as you would like them to be. If you want to protect yourself against the hard surface and abrupt opening of an airbag, it is crucial that you hold on to the steering wheel and don’t let it go. During an accident, properly grasping on the steering is likely to cause you 20% to 30% fewer injuries.

Prepare Yourself for the Worst

No one anticipates that he or she would be in an accident when they hit the roads. However, sometimes they do meet unwanted car accidents and for this, many people are not well prepared. Make sure that you have a contingency plan at the back of your mind in such a scenario.

To prevent your car from breaking down, you need to make sure that the vehicle is operating at its optimal capacity. Take your car for regular service, washing, and also keep a check on your tire health.

Pack Necessities in Case Of Emergency

Keeping a first aid kit is important, and you must generally customize one to help with car accident injuries and other conditions that are typically associated with an injury. Things to assist with Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, small cuts, fracture along with things to treat trauma or environmental damage.

It is essential never to relocate the wounded person unless you are sure that they will not be more hurt. Remember that they may not have noticeable external fractures, but internal injuries that will exacerbate if they try to travel. It’s easy to actually call an ambulance in a case where someone is hurt and let an ambulance service deal with them. If you are there, make sure to stay with them until some emergency service or their family members show up.

Wear Proper Driving Shoes

The history of car accidents dates back to the time when only men used to drive. And this certainly did not mean that those men were some Florida hippies driving in their flip flops. No matter where you are going, it is always a good idea to drive in your driving shoes.

These shoes are a type of footwear that was designed especially for the people who drive. Specially manufactured driving shoes are known to provide comfort, safety, and also an additional grip on that pedal.

These shoes are classics that offer a moccasin construction and feature soles made from rubber pad that extend to the heels and giving you more control over those pedals.

How to deal with a car accident?

Just in case if you have met a car accident that is not too harsh and it leaves you in your conscious with no severe injuries, there are some simple steps you need to take until you are compensated for the loss.

These steps are:

  • Check your car for fatalities/serious injuries

  • Call your insurance company and inform them in detail about what happened

  • Check the people in the other car in case they are severely hurt

  • Assess your car and check for any major damage

  • Call the police

  • Call the ambulance or 911 if you have any medical emergency

  • Once you start feeling well, contact your attorney for compensation


Over the past few years, car accidents have become so common that people have started to prepare themselves in case they meet this unwanted event on the busy road. Even though it is unknown when an individual may meet an accident, it surely is possible that you keep a check of all the prevention techniques, safety guidelines and keep your car in optimal condition to prevent yourself from damage.