8 Tips on Choosing a Comfortable Dog Bed

For centuries, dogs have been known to be man’s best friends. If you own a dog, you understand its importance and the benefits it brings into your life. Besides being security agents, dogs also provide the best company and partnership in comparison with other pets.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your canine friend is kept comfortable, especially when it comes to somewhere to sleep. Gone are the days when dogs were just kept in their houses without an appropriate bed. Today, the demand for dog beds has skyrocketed significantly.

However, choosing the best bed for your dog can be challenging. Below are eight tips to guide you when choosing a comfortable bed for your dog.


Knowing your dog’s breed will help you comprehend its character and sleeping habits. Different breeds behave differently. For instance, many Terriers and some Hound love being covered or “tunnel” or “snuggle” into their beds.

Easy to Wash

As human beings, your dog’s bed, too, should always be clean. This is most especially for dogs with irritable skins that are prone to itchiness. Ensure that you can clean your dog’s bed cushions and covers regularly to prevent dust and mites build-up. You may consider a bed with waterproof inner cushions that cannot get wet in case of an accident.

Your Dog’s Size

This is in relation to its weight and dimensions. Your dog’s bed may be small, medium, large, or extra-large, depending on how heavy and big your pet is. The best method to get the right dimensions is when your dog is sleeping.

Without causing any distractions, measure from its nose’s tip to his rump and from its head’s crown to the pads. However, it would help if you also considered how much space you have, but your dog’s dimensions should always guide you.

With sides or Flat?

Flatbeds are ideal for dogs that stretch-out a lot. They also offer a better view of your canine partner and their actions while they sleep. On the other hand, beds with sides (lounge beds) are more comfortable for pets that love to curl up as they feel more secure and protected.

Interior Design

Your dog is used to the interior design of your house. Since we are talking about comfort, it is essential to ensure that the bed you get matches your style and that of your canine friend. Remember that this item will be in your house for years to come, and so will be your pet.

Therefore, insist on getting a dog bed that feels and looks great.

Your Budget

Like with any other purchase, you must ensure that the bed you pick is within your set budget. In today’s market, these products come in varying prices, some of which are very expensive. With such a wide variety and price range, you can always find one that satisfies your budgetary needs.

It is always wise to consider how much you want to spend on such an item. The internet provides information on different beds and their price ranges. Conduct detailed research to make an informed decision and avoid overspending.


Getting a high-quality and made-to-last bed for your dog is essential. It is easy to find a cheap bed made with low-quality materials and poor craftsmanship. The main disadvantage of such beds is that you will incur more costs in the future due to frequent replacements.

Carry out your research and get a dog bed made from 100% durable materials that are washer and dryer-friendly.

Chewing Needs

Almost all dogs chew. Young ones chew to ease the teething itchiness and pain, while older ones chew to clean their teeth and strengthen their jaws. Other times, your dog may chew because they are bored, stressed, or hungry.

However, chewing the bed can be destructive and disastrous if a piece gets stuck in your dog’s stomach or intestines. If you have a “gnawi” dog, I recommend that you get a bed made from PVC pipe or aluminum and covered with a canvas-like material. Most of such beds are even elevated and could be beneficial to a thick-coated or a bigger dog that runs hot naturally.

Final Thought

Choosing an ideal bed for your dog is not a walk in the park. It requires a deep understanding of several factors, as discussed above. Ensure that you consider your dog’s size, the make of the bed, your budget, and other factors to give maximum comfort to your canine companion.

Author’s Bio:

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