Top Bikini Trends to Watch Out for This Summer

Seventy years ago, the first bikini landed on the front covers of every newspaper and fashion magazine. Back then, the models who were supposed to wear them refused because of the revealing cut and the designer was forced to hire a stripper to do the catwalk.

The swimwear has become ubiquitous and demure in today’s standards that it is often hard to understand how the piece of clothing was so shocking back then. Most people have adopted the trend, and it is common to see a woman wearing a high cut bikini, sunbathing on the beachfront off the Australian coasts.

Swimwear has also become synonymous to a premier beach fashion that the industry has created a world on its own. Women with the body and curves are more than welcome to flaunt them, covering their lower torso with its high-cut design.

Top 5 Bathing Suit and Bikini Trends to Watch Out for This Year

If you are shopping for a new swimwear this year, it might be useful to look at the industries expected turnout for the upcoming poolside soiree. Here’s what you can expect in swimwear fashion this 2020:

  • Super high-cut retros are making a comeback. It was speculated last year that retro-sportswear styled swimwear would be big this year. The super high cut bikini was launched in a swimwear event in the US with a colour palette reminiscent of the sports world.
  • Textured swimwear. Textured one-pieces with seersucker or a ribbed material will be huge this season. The simple design of textured bikinis is expected to replace the excessive floral design and colours of the previous years. A minimalistic fashion is taking centre stage, including the appearance of textured high cut bikinis.
  • High-waist bikinis. A newer form of the high cut bikini, high-waisted bottoms is one of the latest trends this summer season. The swimwear will be great if you have long legs and beautiful curves.
  • Animal prints. The animal print high cut bikini has been around since the 80s and has never faded from mainstream beachwear. They are sexy pieces to wear on the beach because of their standout print with higher rise but good coverage.
  • Ruffle sleeved pieces. This swimwear will give you an extra feminine touch with the ruffles at the sides of the high cut swimwear and the tank top. The two-piece also adds a contemporary look to your summer get-up, making you look more classic and elegant.

Looking for a Suitable Swimwear for Summer

Shopping for the right swimwear is never hard when you know how to highlight the best parts of your body. If you have sharp curves, flaunting them with a high cut bikini always works to give you an aura of confidence and individuality.

The Australian summer is one of the best seasons to get out of the sun and enjoy a day at the beach. Looking for the right swimwear though comes with your taste and your level of fashion-ability.

Wearing a fashionable high cut bikini bottom will not only give you the best tan lines but also showcase your curves on the sands. Designer pieces that flatter your body with its high cut design, trendy colours, and comfortable fits can be the envy and attention of every beachgoer.