10 Korean Fashion Trends to Mix And Match in 2021

Korean fashion has become a trend-setter in recent years. Most of the credit for this goes to the popularity of K-pop and K-dramas that have taken fashion and Korean clothing brands to every country across the world. 

Korean fashion is versatile, adaptable, affordable, and has a great appeal amongst the youth. From red carpet styles to runway trends, Korean clothing brands bring you everything in a comfortable and wearable pattern. 

You can’t go wrong with Korean fashion trends. Be it tops, skirts, jackets, suits, blazers, overalls or shoes and accessories, here are the top 10 fashion trends from Korea that you must try this year.

1. Delicate fabrics and designs

Korean fashion trends embrace feminine designs and dainty fabrics in delicate colors. These include items made out of silk. Sheer fabric, lace, net and embroidery are trending as well. When it comes to patterns and styles, showing off the collar bones is in. So, choose off-shoulder tops and dresses or broad necklines.

2. Casual street wear

Denim skirts are a rage and whether you pick an A-line, pleated or distressed piece, it will make you look chic. Long shorts are popular, especially during warm weather. Cargo pants with over-sized tops are an easy streetwear choice too.

3. Preppy dressing

Korean clothing brands have mastered the preppy style and so have the customers wearing them. To achieve the perfect look, you must have a classic tailored jacket, collared tops, plaid skirts, tweed jackets and knee-high boots.

4. Contrasting colors

Mix and match contrasting colors to get the right blend of simple yet colorful. Whether you wear a bright top and pumps or take a statement handbag in bold colors, you can be edgy and elegant at the same time. 

5. Monochromatic dressing

Monochromatic dressing, is undoubtedly, a classic and sophisticated fashion trend. It is seeing a revival in Korean fashion recently with some bold additions. All white and all black are popular choices for Koreans. Silver or all grey have also been getting a lot of attention. 

6. Layering

The objective is to create a new look and not cover the layers underneath. Leather jackets and trench coats on baggy pants, sundresses over a shirt or cardigans over a tiered dress are all a brainchild of Korean fashion.

7. Bold prints, Bright colors

Animal prints are a hot choice in Korean clothing. Neon and pastel outfits are in the running too. Do not shy away from choosing bold colors or mixing prints.

8. Borrowing from men’s fashion

Baggy jeans, oversized blazers and cargo pants are not only comfortable but look great when paired with the right accessories like chunky shoes, heels, or belts.

9. Details and embellishments

Korean fashion makes common clothing pieces unique by adding embellishments or little details like bows on bomber jacket sleeves or cute character pictures on clothes.

10. Back to basics

Plain midi skirts and pastel tees are anything but boring in Korean fashion. Teaming these with dressy heels, button-down polos or a front tuck shirt will give a trendy effect.