The Hottest Casino Fashion Trends

Many people are into playing in casinos. And due to its popularity, you can now even play casino games online in the comfort of your own homes such as online poker and online slots. Though it can be fun to play online casino games, sometimes, you would also miss playing in a land-based or physical casino. Aside from the different games that you can play in the casino, another thing that makes going there more exciting is dressing up.

Casinos are usually associated with glamour, fashion, and the jet-set lifestyle. For others, looking good in a casino is a way to socialize with the high-rollers, and for some, it is part of how they can perfect their poker face. But even if you are going to the casino just to have fun playing slot machines or simply spectate at the roulette table, it is still great if you can dress well. It’s because knowing the etiquette and rocking the dress code will ensure your evening goes well.

If you are thinking of having an enjoyable night at the casino soon, and you’re searching for the most modern fashion trends that you can wear, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you some of the hottest casino fashion trends.

The Evolution of the Casino Dress Code

Before we give you the list of the hottest casino fashion trends, let us know first how the dress code etiquette in casinos began and how its face changed over the years.

During the early years, casinos were the perfect place for the rich and famous for showing off their wealth and glamour. Back in those times, men used to wear formal shirts and suits with slicked-back hair, while women were adorned with expensive pieces of jewelry and covered with dazzling furs.

As the years passed, power dressing took hold, with different kinds of fashion trends kicking off within the casino sphere. There were people who wore skin-tight attire and huge wigs, and as well as over-sized blazers in the casino. By the 90s, the dress codes in casinos began to become a bit more lenient. This means that wearing over-the-top fashion in the casino was losing its shine. During this time, people insisted on wearing more comfortable and casual clothes. They focused on the process of gambling itself than a fashion face-off with other guests in the casino.

In the present time, there are many casinos that have a few dress codes. But if you are thinking of going to really high-end casinos, like those in Monaco, then you still need to dress glamorously. Remember that suits and sharp shoes are still very much the order of the day. Therefore, don’t even think of going to the casino wearing shorts and flipflops.

The Hottest Casino Fashion Trends

After knowing a brief history of the evolution of the dress code in casinos, it’s now time to reveal the hottest casino fashion trends that you can follow. All of these fashion trends will surely make you look good and glamorous when you step inside the casino.

  • Flat shoes are now fashionable: If you’re a woman but not into wearing a pair of high heels when going to the casino, then the flat shoe fashion trend is for you. Today, flat shoes are the most fashionable form of footwear. You can find many contemporary flat shoe designs today, from plain leather to more outlandishly colorful alternatives. In fact, you can find stylish, designer flats from popular high-end brands like Gucci. You can also score some beautiful ones from mainstream outlets like Zara and Topshop if you’re looking for more affordable ones.

person wearing beautiful flat shoes

  • Neon is so in: Since fashion is a cyclical beast, it’s no surprise to see that the trend for eye-watering, intense neon tones has returned, and they are one of the hottest casino fashion trends today. When you go to casinos, you can spot women wearing flowing evening dresses decked out in hot pink. There are also some who wear tracksuit combos, mixing electric blue with lurid yellow. In the daylight, this kind of fashion might be a little too much, but in the party atmosphere of a casino, these outfits are perfect.

neon cloth fabrics

  • Double-breasted suits are also on-trend: Men going to the casino in the past years really enjoyed wearing formal suits. However, it has failed to find favor with subsequent generations. But today, there are a number of stylish young stars from movies, music, and television who have revived wearing double-breasted suits in casinos. So, you might also want to wear one on your next trip to the casino.
  • Big shoulders are back, too: Another fashion trend that has been revived from an earlier era is dresses and suit jackets that have big shoulders. You can find many of these pieces of clothing from top fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent. It is also advantageous to wear this kind of clothing in the casino because it will help you in finding enough space, especially when approaching a busy table game. It’s because people will likely give you some room if you have a little more physical presence that is provided by your fashion choices artificially.
  • Dress to kill and to thrill: A James Bond movie-inspired outfit is still trendy in casinos today. You will be able to see a lot of men wearing a crisp shirt with a suit over the top in casinos.

man wearing a suit

  • Clothes that show some skin: Wearing revealing outfits in any high-end casino is not a really good idea, but it is still trendy to wear something that shows off just enough. These can be a strapless back piece or any athleisure outfit that could add a little spice to your chivalrous casino style.
  • Nude colors are on-trend: If you are not into trendy neon clothes, then you can instead embrace nude colors, which are also very trendy in casinos today. It is a perfect style for those who are not so big on glamorous outfits. In fact, even the most casual attires can become trendy with a fashionable tie or a strong statement collar.

These are some of the hottest casino fashion trends today. The next time you will be going to the casino with your friends or family, you now know what kinds of clothes will make you look fashionable and in with the latest trends.