Casinos Influence on Fashion

Casino is a popular way of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Casino represents a multi-billion sector which works professionally and implements high standards. That’s why casinos require employees to respect strict dress code. Once you enter at a land-based venue, you will immediately observe staff uniforms. Dealers typically wear pants, ties, skirts, and vests. Other workers put on differently but they all follow the dress code.

In the next words, we will take a look at the casino impact on the fashion industry. Read on and find more information about both sectors.

History of Casino Fashion

Even the first-launched casinos used to have dress codes. However, only employees were obliged to follow fashion rules excluding regular customers. Traditional casino dress code included long dresses and classy suits. Over the course of the years, fashion has drastically changed and women started to wear short dresses and men dress slacks and similar.

Contemporary Casino Fashion

Fashion trends are changing on a constant basis and casinos are also affected. Land-based venues continue to require a strict dress code while patrons decide to wear casual clothes. From now on, we can see customers in jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers all around global casinos. Some rules are, however, applicable but it depends on the casino venue.

Following the introduction of stringent dress codes, customers started to spend time on favorite online casinos. Most of them consider this opportunity useful as it doesn’t require any dress rules and players can wear only pajamas.

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Dress Codes

Even today casinos make all necessary steps to influence the fashion industry. Casinos introduce dress codes regularly and push employees to wear dresses and suits. Some of them started to apply more liberal code allowing employees to have informal combinations. For example, there is no need to wear full suits anymore but only dress pants, ties, shirts or vests. Female employees typically follow men’s fashion and wear long dresses or skirts.

Uniform Look

If you enter a brick and mortar casino, you will notice the uniform dress code of employees. As we already observed, both male and female dealers prefer to wear similar attire. Dealers typically choose slacks and dress shirts together with ties and vests.

 Cocktail Waitresses

Almost all casino serve alcohol to customers. Some venues serve booze free of charge or share drink coupons for the next visit. Other venues do that exclusively for money. To serve alcohol on a continuous basis, casinos employ responsible workforce – Cocktail Waitresses. It is casino practice that all members of Cocktail Waitresses wear the same attire in order to look nice. Casinos provide special uniforms for these purposes which typically consist of miniskirts or low-cut tops. It means that casinos imply informal dress codes in order to attract male patrons. With nice-looking girls, dressed in sexy clothes, it is easier to make the customer place another wager or give higher tips.

Today’s casinos hire male servers at land-based venues. Members of the staff wear the same attire which consists of slacks, ties and button-up dress shirts. Additional requirement for male servers is to wear shirts.


As you can observe, land-based casinos have drastically changed an entire dress code for customers. At the same time, casino employees have implemented only a few changes. Following this situation, patrons should check the casino dress code before heading to a land-based venue. Customers can call casino or visit the official website of the venue.