Earrings, Earrings, Earrings! The Top 5 2021 Earrings Trends You Need to Know

Looking for some hot new earrings to show off as we move into the new decade? Click here for the best 2021 earrings trends you won’t want to miss.

Do you feel like you need to breathe new life into your style?

If so, learning about new trends can help you discover all kinds of fun fashion statements.

One of the easiest ways you can revolutionize your look is to wear more jewelry. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the hottest 2021 earrings trends that will make you feel more confident and chic.

1. Chunky Hoops

Thin, large hoops had their time to shine a couple of decades ago, but current earrings trends are all about statement chunky hoops. Whether you choose small or large hoops, their thickness makes them more noticeable. When more attention is drawn to your face, you can highlight other beautiful features like your lips and eyes.

2. Mismatched Earrings

Most people think that their look has to be cohesive in order to be stylish. While this may have been true in the past, mismatched fashion has been surging in popularity in recent years. One of the most fascinating 2021 earrings trends is wearing two different types of earrings for extra fun.

If you’re not ready to take the leap into extreme differences yet, you can try wearing two earrings that have a similar size, shape, or color to add more consistency.

3. Vibrant and Bold

Now that spring is almost upon us, people like to celebrate by breaking out their most colorful and exciting clothes. This clothing trend also translate to jewelry trends in a similar way. If you own any earrings that are full of personality and flavor, now is the best time to incorporate them into your daily look.

To help your earrings pop, you can trying pairing them with a simple outfit that doesn’t have a lot of bold colors.

4. Pearls

Pearls have always been popular and they show no signs of falling out of fashion anytime soon. Pearls are one of the easiest 2021 earring trends to follow because you most likely already own at least one set. Since pearls match with anything, you can make getting ready in the morning a breeze by not having to spend so much time planning your look.

5. One Earring

When most people get their ears pierced, they opt for both ears to be symmetrical. Although it may sound strange at first, only rocking one earring is one of the coolest earrings trends of this year. Wearing an impressive statement earring is the best way to follow this trend, but you can also choose a more subtle earring if you’re not feeling bold enough yet.

You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These 2021 Earrings Trends

Now that you know the top 5 2021 earrings trends, you can start having some fun playing with your look. Since earrings tend to be a lot cheaper than new clothes, you can brighten up your appearance without breaking the bank.

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