Gift Giving 101: How to Buy Jewelry

There are a multitude of occasions where you may need to buy a gift for someone in your life. Here is your quick guide to buying jewelry.

Even if you yourself aren’t big into jewelry, there are several instances in your life where you’ll want to purchase it for someone in your life.

Maybe you’re wanting to kick your relationship up a notch and show him/her how much you care through a romantic gift.

Perhaps there was a special milestone that a friend or family member completed and you want to reward them for their achievement.

Whatever the case might be, you’ll want to know how to properly shop for it. Here are several tips on how to go about buying jewelry for someone else. Use all the info below during your search.

1. Dodge the Big, Luxurious Names

It’s understandable that you want to buy the best jewelry that money can buy for that special person in your life. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that means going to stores like Helzberg Diamonds or Tiffany.

You’d be shocked at how much extra cash you’ll be paying just to have a certain diamond company’s name on it.

Rather than sacrificing your wallet for their jewelry, be sure to open up your options by performing some research.

You can try brick and mortar stores such as Zales, Macy’s, or your local jewelry shop as well.

Remember, you also have the internet! You now have more options than ever. Looking at options such as Cavici charms to add to their locket might blow them away when they open your gift.

2. Know Their Jewelry Habits

Everyone has jewelry habits to some extent. They have a preference for things such as the type of jewelry that they wear, how often they wear them, etc.

More importantly, they choose the type of jewelry that they wear most often for a good reason.

It might be because they like the color/material those pieces are made of more than other pieces they have. It could be because those pieces have more meaning behind them than the rest.

It’s up to you to figure out a) what their jewelry habits are and b) what the “why” is behind the habits that they have. Knowing that will play a crucial role in finding the right item to purchase.

For example, if you’re buying for your spouse and you notice that she only wears jewelry when it’s a special event of some kind.

By knowing that, you’ll be in search of a piece that can stand out with her dresses and other clothes she wears for special occasions.

3. Know the Sizing Ahead of Time

Many jewelry buyers make the mistake of not knowing the size of the person who they’re purchasing the item for.

That leads you to either delay the purchase until you find out or buy it anyway and risk it being the wrong size.

Men, if you’re purchasing an engagement ring for your future spouse, you need to know her ring size prior to shopping at the store.

If finding out the ring size will spoil the surprise, then it’s always safer to purchase a size up. It’s much easier for the ring’s size to be reduced than increased.

4. Bring a Friend

Jewelry shopping is always done best when it’s tackled with more than one person. It’s a gift item that’s so heavily opinionated, so you want to have a few voices weighing in on the gift.

Try to bring along someone that you’d consider to be knowledgeable on different jewelry items, features, and brands.

Also, you want to make sure the person that you bring along knows the person that you’re buying for relatively well. Finding a person (or two) that you can bring who knows jewelry and the person you’re shopping for will help you find the right gift.

They can also perform some spy work for you and ask the person a few questions that you need to know.

While having them ask for a ring size might seem obvious, if they bring it up organically enough, your loved one won’t think anything of it.

5. What Jewelry Do They Enjoy?

Not all jewelry is created equal. Some people love to be blinged out to the max, while others enjoy being more subtle with only a piece or two.

For your shopping experience to be a success, you need to know what kind of jewelry they’re into from Nikola Valenti.

Are they interested in bracelets? Necklaces?Rings?Earrings?Pendants?Chokers?Lockets? If they’re a guy, do they like cufflinks? Bolo ties?Tie clips?

You have so many different options to choose from. You could choose to purchase something they don’t currently have such as a tie clip or toe ring.

6. Plan Ahead

Maybe you’re a big planner and the “big day” that you’re buying a gift for isn’t for a few months.

If so, then you could walk with them into a jewelry store, acting as if you’re buying a gift for another friend/relative.

That would provide you a way to easily ask them what kind of jewelry they like, what materials they like, etc.

It can help you zero in on jewelry gift ideas for them when the big day gets a little closer.

Buying Jewelry Has Never Been Easier!

Now that you have several tips for buying jewelry as a gift for someone, it’s time to put these tips to good use.

Remember, there have never been more options available to you than in this day in age. Whatever they might be interested in, you have thousands of pieces to choose from.

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