9 Best Shampoos and Conditioners To Repair Split Ends

Split ends can be a real downer, but the good news is that there are several products that can help fix this type of damage. To help you find the right one, this article goes over some of the top shampoos and conditioners for repairing split ends. Some of these recommendations are for single products, while others describe larger collections, two-part shampoo/conditioner combinations, or auxiliary treatment options.

Olaplex No. 4

Olaplex No. 4 is a reparative, moisturizing shampoo that works to heal split ends and reduce frizz. It does so by restoring links between broken bonds in users’ hair. The end result is reduced breakage and a shiny, healthy appearance. This hydrating shampoo works for all hair types, and it is color-safe and free of sulfates, paraben, and phthalate. It is available as a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis, and it comes in 250-ml and 100-ml containers.

OGX Thick & Full

Next up on this list of split-end-fighting products is OGX Thick & Full shampoo. Promising a positive effect after a single use, this shampoo features a blend of collagen, Vitamin B7 biotin, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. It is suitable for all hair types, and it provides a volumizing, texture-enhancing effect. For best results, its parent company recommends following this shampoo up with other OGX products, such as its companion conditioner.

Pureology Hydrate

The Hydrate collection from Pureology may be the way to go if your hair’s split-end problems stem from dryness or chemical treatments. The conditioners and shampoos in this line feature “natural oils that enhance manageability and shine,” according to Pureology. They are sulfate-free and are designed to reduce frizz, resulting in smooth hair. The Hydrate products are available in three sizes: 1.7 oz, 8.5 oz, and 33.8 oz.

Nexxus Keraphix

For extreme cases of split ends, Nexxus Keraphix is a possible solution. This collection of shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments “was specifically designed for severely damaged hair,” according to Nexxus, and the products feature a blend of keratin protein and black rice. The Nexxus Keraphix shampoo begins the process by penetrating and cleaning hair fibers, and the conditioner continues it by softening and nourishing hair. The shampoo comes in 3-oz and 13.5-oz containers, and the conditioner is available in those sizes plus a 33.8 oz container. Also in this product line are a gel treatment product, a dry shampoo option, and a masque.

Kérastase’s Products

Kérastase, a Paris-based company that serves the US, offers a variety of products designed to heal hair suffering from damage such as split ends. For example, its Genesis product line features shampoo for both dry and weakened hair as well as a complementary conditioner to enhance the effect. The company also offers products designed for specific hair types: Among others, the Relax regimen is meant for frizzy hair, while the Blond Absolu products are meant to help people with blonde hair look their best.

Aveda’s Products

The beauty company Aveda has a number of products that can help heal split ends. If your hair is weak and/or damaged, it may be worth looking into the company’s Bain Force Architecte shampoo, which uses a pro-keratin complex to rebuild hair and ceramides to strengthen it. Another ingredient is a type of plant sap that is meant to hydrate hair. Also of use for damaged hair is Aveda’s Ciment Anti-Usure conditioner, which features some of the same ingredients and helps work toward shiny, soft hair that is resistant to breakage. The company also has a leave-in remedy for split ends that uses nangai oil and amino acids to heal and strengthen hair. Aveda’s products are available as one-time purchases, or on a subscription basis.

The Briogeo Strength + Moisture Duo

To fight the scourge of split ends and other types of hair damage, Briogeo offers a package called the Strength + Moisture Duo. The duo’s components are a Briogeo’s Super Moisture Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Mask. Included in the shampoo are moisture-boosting ingredients such as coconut oil and algae extract. The mask, meanwhile, has the goal of revitalizing and protecting hair, and it contains rosehip, argan oil, Vitamin B5, and other helpful ingredients. The full kit comes with 16 ounces of shampoo and 8 ounces of the conditioning mask, and it is safe for color-treated, keratin-treated, and chemically treated hair.

ProDesign Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo and Leave-In Treatment

ProDesign, a top provider of wholesale salon hair products, makes a pair of products particularly suited for healing split ends: Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo and the Tiger Reconstructor leave-in treatment. The shampoo works with all hair types, but brunettes and redheads may see particularly strong results. It strengthens hair while preserving color and enhancing the hair’s natural features, whether it is curly, wavy, or straight. To do so, the shampoo makes use of a protein catalyst identified by Dr. Lee Hunter, a hair-care expert who is heavily involved in ProDesign. It features a neutral pH balance of 6.9.

Meanwhile, the Tiger Reconstructor “repairs hair from the inside out,” enhancing growth, and resulting in stronger, thicker hair. It also provides a great deal of protection from heat.

Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset Shampoo

In extreme situations, Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset Shampoo may be called for. Available on a subscription plan or as a one-off purchase, this shampoo makes use of Japanese-sourced rice extract. The shampoo both cleanses and strengthens hair, lifting away any product that has built up. According to Shu Uemura, Ultimate Reset is meant to help heal “very damaged hair,” particularly hair that has suffered harm from bleaching, heat styling, and coloring. The shampoo is safe to use on colored hair and comes in a 300-ml bottle.

Select the Best Shampoo for Your Hair

If your hair has extreme damage, or extensive split ends, you can’t just wait for it to get better. You need to purchase one of these professionally developed products, and make regular use of them to revitalize your hair. Contact any of these manufacturers for more information about what your hair needs for healthier growth, and where you can get their products.