How to Find a Reputable Jewelry Store?

Are you looking for an established jewelry store? It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping for an engagement ring, a delicate necklace, or elegant pearls; the jeweler must offer a high-quality collection of pieces.

Reputable jewelers provide various services besides selling custom pieces, such as polishing, appraisal, resizing, etc. Most shops allow customers to schedule private appointments to discuss their preferences and assist them in the choice. It’s vital to avoid pushy salespeople and surprisingly low prices.

This helpful advice will facilitate your search for the most reputable store.

Choose between mall stores and independent jewelers

The first hesitation individuals come across when shopping for jewelry is whether to buy items from mall stores or independent jewelers. Both alternatives provide different forms of convenience for the customers. For instance, independent jewelers are more likely to offer unique collections and provide buyers with information about their origin. Generally, this isn’t the case with mall shops, which are affiliated with popular chains. Click here to see the top ten questions to ask when choosing a jeweler.

Another factor to consider when selecting a jeweler is your plans for the future. If you plan to make all your future purchases from the same store, then choosing a mall shop would be the most reasonable decision. Even if you move to another city/state, you will probably find the chain store you loved so much.

In contrast, independent jewelers are nothing like chain businesses. They might go out of business unexpectedly, thus disappointing their loyal customers. In the event of having an engagement ring warranty, it will get lost in case the independent jeweler decides to close the store down. When it comes to chain jewelry stores, all you need to do is go to another branch.

Check out the services

Check out the services

The following aspect to take into account when choosing a jewelry store is the range of services. Reputable shops are expected to provide much more than just selling precious items, such as jewels and ornaments. Jewelers should offer repair services for watches and all sorts of jewelry, regardless of whether the piece was purchased from that particular shop or not.

Furthermore, these stores should provide annual polishing and restoration of antique pieces. Appraisal services must be included in their service range as well. Many customers look for an appraisal for estate planning or insurance purposes. The largest part of local family jewelry stores like Mimi’s Jewelry relies on the expertise of experienced gemologists in the appraisal process. These services are also sought for divorce, resale, or liquidation purposes.

Additionally, most jewelry stores enable customers to have their engagement or other types of rings resized. Almost all shops provide free resize to individuals who have purchased a ring from their collections within a limited time period. Some jewelers are even interested in purchasing diamonds and gold.

Look for red flags

When you start visiting jewelry stores, it’s essential to look for red flags, which speak volumes about the genuine reputation of these shops. For example, low prices are an obvious red flag, indicating low quality. No jeweler would sell low-cost pieces at affordable prices unless they are made from faux materials. Gold and diamonds have always been pricey.

In addition, it’s common for some online jewelry shops to wildly inflate their prices, hoping to trick online shopping lovers into making a purchase. These jewelers, however, tend to sell their pieces for lower prices in their brick-and-mortar stores. Nevertheless, people who never make purchases in physical shops would never find out about their scams.

Moreover, pushy salespeople are another common red flag to bear in mind when looking for the right jeweler. This type of salespeople implements high-pressure tactics to convince individuals into purchasing items that aren’t compatible with their preferences and needs. These salespeople aren’t interested in the requirements of customers, only in selling their products at any cost. This link,, explains the effects of pushy salespeople.

Schedule an appointment

When interested in purchasing a special piece of jewelry, individuals are advised to schedule an appointment with a member of the personnel. Every store is expected to offer such appointments to provide customers with the personal attention and service they deserve. The role of these appointments is to make the shopping journey of customers as special as possible.

During the appointments, customers should be upfront about their requirements, budget, and the personality of the recipient. Based on the information jewelers are provided with, they will offer their professional opinion and show you the best pieces. Such a private appointment is definitely a perfect occasion for discussing insurance options as long as the jeweler offers trustworthy appraisal services.

Check their collections online

Nowadays, the largest part of jewelry stores has an online shopping option. Consequently, potential customers can check out the collection of pieces before heading to the shop. Jewelers should provide a vast selection of gold and white gold engagement rings, along with a collection of wedding rings.

When shopping for a unique engagement ring, buyers should ensure the diamond is certified. A diamond certification means the gem is sourced from an accredited laboratory and has a high-quality grade.

Apart from golden rings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches, jewelers are supposed to offer a fine collection of silver jewelry. Silver looks extraordinary in contrast with amber, topaz, marcasite, and pears. Many people are fond of silver pieces due to their low maintenance and durability.

Moreover, pearl collections should be a part of jewelry stores owing to their timeless beauty. There are three types of pearls to purchase, natural, cultures, and imitation. Normally, natural pearls are the rarest and most expensive. The luster and smoothness of pearls are important to consider when assessing their quality. The more transparent they are, the lower the price.

To sum up

Only reputable jewelers offer various services, exquisite pieces, and experienced staff.

Look for a jewelry shop with a great reputation, long experience, and a large selection of items.

Everyone deserves fine jewelry!