A Beginner’s Guide: 7 Basic Rules of Men’s Fashion To Know

Dressing up in these modern times can be quite confusing and challenging if you’re a man. The standards of society have shifted from simply allowing a man to dress however he pleases to putting men in the spotlight too. Men are now expected to look clean, well-groomed and dapper whenever there are events or parties to match the gorgeous woman in her arms.

How does one even begin to master style? Here are some essential tips you must remember. And for complete, stylish, and high-quality men’s fashion sets, we recommend RODE menswear.

Stay well-groomed and neat

Fashion and style aren’t always about clothes and accessories. How you present yourself has the most bearing on how you look and how people see you. If you want to be perceived as a stylish bloke or gentleman, do away with grungy or starving artist look. It doesn’t help if you always look like a surfer in your board shorts and flip flops. If you want to be taken seriously, get a haircut that makes you look respectable. A man bun and a trimmed goatee is stylish and acceptable and so are clean and trimmed nails. It really is the most basic tenet of fashion.

Invest in a few key pieces

Like women, men should also invest in a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched. In men, having more long-sleeved shirts and trousers is ideal. Collared shirts are also good to have since you can easily throw a sports coat or jacket over it and create a different look. For a good addition to your wardrobe, consider having a custom-tailored sport coat by checking out more details at Blank Label. During the summer or for more casual looks, you can pair collared shirts with chinos, cotton pants, or even shorts for a preppy look. Variety is key and quality counts big time.

Invest in a suit

Invest in a few key pieces

If you’re a corporate guy, you’ll most likely need to have at least one bespoke suit made for you. You’ll need it for corporate affairs, events, and dinner parties. You can easily rent a tux for a super formal affair or ball, but having a smart and well-fitting suit can get you very far.

Buy a good pair of leather shoes and a belt

Sneakers may have been accepted as the ultimate comfortable shoes for men, but they are not appropriate to wear to all occasions and events. Get a good pair of elegant leather shoes on formal days at work. Dress down Fridays are fine, but if you’re power dressing, make sure you have the right shoes and a matching leather belt. Your belt should be tasteful and not too flashy. After all, it’s the office and not a rodeo show.

The tie matters

The tie makes or breaks a formal outfit. However, a tie can make you look overdressed on a casual occasion. If you’re torn between going formal or going laid back, choose the former. You can easily remove your jacket or coat, take off your tie, and roll up your sleeves to create a casual look. On the other hand, if you’re dressed to casually, it will be difficult to upgrade your look. Have a coat