Reasons to Grow a Beard

For a man, there is a high chance you’ve thought about the idea of having facial hair. Nearly everyone has the potential of growing facial hair provided the right products are being used. To some, the growth will come naturally even without the use of natural products. But if you are not one of them, then there is nothing to worry , all you need to do is use some good beard growth products that will definitely help you grow the fuller beard you desire. There are so many reasons why you should be growing a beard and we’re going to highlight some of them.

You Get to Try Out a New Look

You don’t only need to change your wardrobe if you’d want to try out a new look. Sometimes growing a beard will be the change that is needed in order to see the difference. You only need to be patient for a few months and you’ll have a totally different look. Facial aesthetics can always be enhanced by facial hair. There will be different beard styles that you can choose from that will compliment your face. There are just so many different styles out there and what you choose will depend on your tastes and preferences.

Go Against the Status Quo

It is not uncommon for a lot of people to shave when there is something important that is upcoming. It could be a job interview or meeting your girlfriend’s parents. You don’t always have to shave in order to look good. You can decide to go against the trend and let your beard be. As long as it is well-kempt, there shouldn’t be a reason why you’re singled out in a room. Besides, the attention can be good if you’re trying to make a statement. Following the stereotypical social norms might get you in trouble. You lose your authentic self. You don’t need to be embarrassed about growing facial hair.

You Look More Attractive

The majority of ladies will agree that a man looks more attractive with a beard compared to when they don’t have one. As much as attraction is a subjective topic, there have been studies that have shown that there is an inclination towards men with beards. Even if you’re skeptical about the science, you just have to look at some transformation journeys and the evidence will be clear as day.

Offer Protection

Did you know that beards could offer protection against some common diseases? This will come as a surprise to those people that see facial hair as unhygienic. It is perhaps time you started reading if you’re thinking about growing your beard. If you suffer from asthma and hay fever, it will be pleasing to know that growing a beard can help with fighting the conditions. You will be less susceptible to the attacks which will mean an improvement to health. The nasal area can help with trapping allergens so that you’re less sick.

You can Say Goodbye to Shaving

Shaving is often seen as a stressful experience. If your facial hair grows fast, you’ll have to shave on a regular basis. This could irritate the skin and there is the chance of getting acne as a result. When you grow a beard, you’ll not have to shave as much. You can go to the barber to have your beard trimmed and that is just about it. Not shaving is a small price to pay compared to constantly irritating the facial skin.

Appear More Dominant

The male species has all been about domination. Even if it is said but it could be the actions. With a beard, things will naturally work in your favor. You could be suffering from self-esteem issues and don’t even want to get out. With a beard, you’re more confident in yourself and the surrounding environment. It could be a morale booster that is needed for interacting with others.

Protection from UV Light

A beard can help in providing additional protection from the sun. There are people that are prone to sunburns and protecting the face is usually the first priority. With a beard, a good surface of the face is covered and you don’t have to use as much sunscreen as compared to when you don’t have a beard. There was an article that was published in the HuffingtonPost that revealed beards could block up to 95% of UV rays.


Personal grooming is important if you intend to keep a beard. Facial hair needs care too. There are blogs that are dedicated to beards that you can follow. As we’ve mentioned, not shaving your beards is a small price to pair. You get to look good, and there is protection from the sun and allergies.