Hair Removal Methods

Depilation: The Ultimate Guide to Different Hair Removal Methods

From cultural to aesthetic to medical, generally there are several good reasons why people eliminate their body hair. Just like it is all-natural to let it grow, it is common to want to get rid of some bikini hair or undesired facial fuzz. Hair removal, also known as depilation, arrives in numerous forms. It is essential to realize the advantages and disadvantages of each before reserving a salon appointment.

What Is Depilation?

The depilation definition is basically a more scientific expression for hair removal. Though it was an indication of cleanliness and a greater class during the ancient eras, having a well-groomed body is significantly frequent in modern day society. Laser hair removal is the newest impressive hair removal solution in Manhattan. Laser hair depilation has shown promise in a small series of individuals with pilonidal sinus disease.

So, What Does Depilation Mean?

The definition of depilation relates particularly to the elimination of the hair above the skin, but it is usually used as a basic term. The term epilation explains when hair is totally taken out of the follicle via a number of various methods. Beyond just figuring out the depilation meaning, it is essential to find out the many existing methods of depilation hair removal. From wax depilation to laser depilation, each procedure has different effects.


Hair is tugged and cut off at the skin’s surface area. This may basically make hair seem to be darker, stronger and more coarse-feeling as it rapidly grows again.


Depilatories are composed of harsh chemical substances which work to disintegrate the hair at the hairline, weakening hair and permitting it to be rubbed off. The chemical substances in depilatories can be very annoying to the skin, causing redness and soreness where applied.


There are various kinds of abrasives. They are usually like a mild sand paper, applied to eliminate fine hair by rubbing it off, causing the skin irritated.


Hair is tugged out by a really incredible traditional art of hair removal by a rapid manipulation of hands, fingers, mouth and thread. A large percentage of hair is damaged.


Wax is readily available in different forms, i.e., hot wax, cold wax or liquid wax, yet they all show several similarities. All wax items include chemical substances, beeswax or resins, and are eliminated using cloth strips or the wax is permitted to harden (dry) on the skin area and eliminated by gripping the side of the wax.


With this technique, a fine probe or needle is placed into the hair follicle until it actually reaches the root. Electricity or galvanized current is then executed through the needle to destroy the hair root.


Removing hair with tweezers is a traditional rite and definitely has not improved much over the years. In modern times, ladies usually limit tweezing to the eyebrows.

Depilation with Wax

While shaving is most likely the most popular form of grooming across all genders, women mainly opt for wax depilation particularly when it arrives to bikini depilation. Waxing requires pressing hot or warm wax to a hairy area. The wax is then pulled rapidly in the reverse way of the hair to eliminate it from the follicles. Wax depilation arrives in many forms, from hard wax to strip wax to wax beads. While it is regular for young adults to use strip waxes at home, the most useful treatment options are done at salons with hard wax.


Selecting hair removal wax is choosing a broadly trusted treatment that has minimum side effects, aside from some possible post-wax redness.

Wax Depilation Benefits

Whether you are looking to groom your eye-brows, upper lip, chest, or back, waxing may be performed on quite much any part of the body. As full body grooming gets more famous, including pubic hair depilation, the fact that nearly all parts of the body can be waxed is one of the treatment’s greatest advantages.

Better than Shaving

This is particularly so in comparison to shaving, which can lead to trauma or abrasions to the skin in sensitive areas. It is absolutely okay to rely on the hair removal procedure to a salon professional and make sure to follow up the treatment with the proper exfoliants and depilatory creams. Wax depilation additionally leaves a spot hairless for longer than shaving does. While shaving only cuts the hair above the skin, waxing drags the hair that coming from the root. Not only does this provide the hair more time to grow, but it also decreases the visual appearance of stubble.

Depilation Cream

For a quick and simple option, try depilation cream. This is a product that depends on chemical substances to remove hair instead of more physical techniques. Using a depilation cream is as simple as using the product, waiting no longer than 15 minutes overall, and cleaning it away. This eliminates the hair above the skin area, so your follicles will not get irritated from the treatment method.


It is a low effort procedure, and it is comparatively affordable. You can choose a depilation cream at your nearby drugstore or salon to take home. There is no skill required. This process is comparatively painless and the most you will feel is a tingling sensation. That is unless you are sensitive to specific chemical substances in the cream. It is necessary to do a rapid skin test before using it to a whole area. Each procedure has its own advantages, so think about both your body and your spending budget. Of course, your health usually arrives first, so stick to what makes you feel most secure and relaxed.

Laser Depilation

Laser hair removal garners a ton of attention as a somewhat highly advanced depilation treatment method. The procedure requires exposing hair to pulses of a laser light that damages the hair follicle.


Like waxing, laser depilation can safely and securely be done just about anywhere on the body, and it is likely to hurt less than waxing. Nevertheless, unlike wax depilation, laser treatments can be costly, and they need several lengthy sessions before you see any actual final results. The actual pull of laser treatments is how they can significantly decrease hair removal. While laser does not completely stop follicular activity, you can basically stop shaving after you have done sufficient sessions.

Advantages of Laser Depilation

Shaving and tweezing were substituted with waxing, and nowadays, even wax removals have paled before laser hair removal, which is the most recent impressive hair removal option on the block. Unlike some other techniques of hair removal, laser treatment arrives with a vast range of benefits, as we will see here. And many dermatological clinics are adopting this method and providing laser hair removal. Cosmetic Laser Clinic in NYC by which has a team of specialists backed by over a decade of practical experience in offering laser hair removal treatments.

It Helps to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Actually, ingrown hairs are one of the biggest nightmares that follow shaving, epilating, or waxing. With laser hair removal, you can eventually bid those entire woes goodbye. The laser can help removing hair from the roots, and in the procedure, also stops ingrown hair from showing up. You also do not have to get worried about razor bruises or burns from hot wax. Normal laser treatment may remove ingrown hairs entirely, meaning you will never have to be concerned about this again.

Laser Removal Leaves Skin Softer Than Before

Have you ever shaved your hair off and been irritated by prickly stubble in a few of days? Or felt very similar stubble after you have epilated or waxed? With laser hair removal, there is no stray hair or stubble left behind. This indicates your skin seems silky smooth after a session of laser treatment. And even when your hair ultimately grows back, it is slimmer and softer than before, so you do not have to feel annoyed about thick hair that simply leaves your skin rough.

It Leaves No Scars or Painful Side Effects

Threading is one of the most unpleasant cosmetic processes for hair removal. Shaving may not be so unpleasant at first, but you are just one inappropriate move away from a cut or a bruise. And with waxing, there is usually the risk of your skin being burned by hot wax. Nevertheless, laser hair removal actually leaves no room for such unpleasant side effects, scars, or bruises. It is a no-mess procedure that can be carried out on any area of the body with no worry.

Laser Hair Removal Gives Long-lasting Results

The results of hair removal applying laser are long-lasting. Hair can take weeks or months to grow back, and with each subsequent session, the hair requires much longer to come back again. And even when it does grow back, the hair is so considerably slimmer and sparser than before. Ultimately, you will discover that you are pretty much hairless. That is one of the most effective parts of applying laser technology to get rid of the hair on your entire body.

Laser Allows to Shave Between Sessions

A common pet-peeve is that with options like waxing, you are suggested to let your hair grow to a certain level before you schedule another consultation. This indicates you simply cannot shave off your hair between two sessions. With laser hair removal, you are motivated to shave before your session, because it stops scorching of hair on the surface area of your skin. This is great news for people who like to stay fuzz-free all through the year.

Fast and Effective

Most patients can gain long-lasting hair loss within just 3 and 7 sessions, so laser hair elimination is quite successful.

Choosing Laser Hair Removal before Vacation

Packing up the bags, planning an array of activities, and planning to sample delightful cuisine are all parts of the vacationing experience. As you can see, vacation centers on relaxation. Nevertheless, when people are continuously concerned about hair removal solutions and procedures, those levels of relaxation start to drop down the scale.

  • Packing considerably more lightly
  • Wearing relaxing and vacation-appropriate Clothing
  • Keeping away from the burns and scars
  • Thinking about the troubles like the side effects, skin types or skin conditions
  • Allow time for your skin area to heal

Think About It during Your Vacation

The secret to success in laser hair removal is timing, the technology applied and a few other specifics your medical esthetician or nurse will provide you before you begin your sessions. For the facial hair, the interval between sessions is 4 to 6 weeks. For the body, laser hair removal need to be done every 8 to 10 weeks. This is dominated by the cycle of hair growth. We realize that at any point in time, there are 10 to 20% of your hairs that are in the perfect growth stage and may react completely to the laser.