Unique Engagement Ring Ideas Your Woman Will Love

Your engagement is around the corner and you still haven’t nailed the ring yet? It sounds stressful, doesn’t it! Yes, not having chosen a ring to impress the love of your life can surely make you feel nervous. And more so if you want the ring to be a surprise for her because you would want to choose something that she loves at first sight. This definitely sounds like a humongous task, particularly if your knowledge about women’s jewelry is limited. You can ask for a friend’s help but something that you choose yourself will surely make her happier than anything else. If you are looking for some unique engagement ring ideas that your woman will love, here are some to help.

Classic with a vintage twist

The classic engagement ring is typically crafted with a round solitaire diamond which is set in a gold band. This is something that every woman dreams of but you can think beyond the ordinary and add a vintage touch to it. Playing with fancy diamond cuts such as square, oval, pear or marquise cut is a good idea. You can also look for one that is embellished with accent stones or has an unusual twisting and turning patterns on the band to make a unique design.

Modern metals

Another unusual idea that your woman will probably love is the use of modern metal rather than the traditional yellow gold. White gold is a contemporary alternative to the yellow variant because it has a chic vibe and highlights the brilliance of diamonds as well. You can also explore variants such as palladium and platinum for a subdued effect. Silver is another smart option for those who want to cut down the cost of the engagement ring without compromising the overall look and design of the piece. Get answers to your questions by checking out Perfect Engagement Rings Perth.


Amazingly, the width of the band of your engagement ring can actually make it unique. It is all about the way she likes her rings because some women like them broad while others prefer them sleek. You can browse online to see engagement rings available in different variants and styles. You will find plenty of options in different bandwidths in online catalogs. It is easy to choose one your girl would love to wear and be comfortable in. After all, she will wear the ring day and night!

Royal and heavy

If your woman is a fashionista who loves to flaunt her diamonds, a royal and heavy diamond ring will be the best thing to make her happy. Opt for a big stone that excels in terms of brilliance and beauty if you can afford one. If she’s a fashionista, she may want something in colour, so getting her one of those blue diamond rings Australia ladies sport is also a great idea. Here too, you can explore options in cuts and carat to find something unique and beautiful that she would love to show off.

Petite and demure

What if your S.O. loves everything that is simple and elegant rather than heavy and showy? The best choice for her would be something petite and demure that she can carry every day and everywhere. A small solitaire set in a delicate band definitely makes a good choice for the women who prioritize simplicity or have an active lifestyle. After all, you would want her to feel comfortable and uninhibited while wearing the piece in routine.

Custom designs

While you can pick one of the readymade variants in a store or online, there is also the option of customization. Is there a memory that you want to replicate in the design of your engagement ring? Did she adore a ring that her best friend got on her engagement? Did she ever say that she loved a piece flaunted by her favorite celebrity? Getting your ring customized is a smart option if you have something very specific in mind to impress her on a special occasion. Jewelers often have this option for their customers.

Anything that makes her day special is worth it!

Your engagement is a special event that happens once in a lifetime. So you should go all the way to make it as wonderful as you can for the woman you want to spend your life with. A unique engagement ring will truly make her day and you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to choosing one. While you need to be thoughtful about the design and style, make sure that you pick the finest quality piece from a reputed seller. Also, ensure that the seller sells only genuine products with the highest grade of diamonds and precious metals. At the same time, have a budget that you would want to stick to.