How to get curly hair for men

Do you desire a change of hairstyle from your current straight hairstyle? Or you’re tired of straightening your hair everyday and want to encourage it to form curls. With the right styling tools and products for your hair type, you can achieve the right curl without breaking the bank.

By following our step by step guide on how to get curly hair for men, you’ll able to create curly hair that last.

What you will need to get the curls right

Here are some of the things that will help you get the curls you desire and improve on it if you already have curly hair.

  • A prepoo treatment: A prepoo is also known as pre shampoo treatment. Applying an elasticizer overnight or something as simple as coconut oil before shampooing will do for the prepoo treatment. Make sure to use a shampoo that doesn’t rob your hair of all its moisture as this is very important for curls.
  • A conditioner: For curly hair, overdoing the washing isn’t going to help your curl definition. Restrict hair washing to once or twice a month with a conditioner that has little or no silicone to prevent your hair from completely drying out.
  • Deep conditioner: Invest in a deep conditioner that will further add moisture to your hair, make it soft and curlier.
  • Sea salt spray: This is designed to allow you create the curls of your choice with ease.
  • Curl creams: There are curl creams designed especially for curls, they add and seal in moisture in hair.
  • Heat protectant: This will help to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • A good drying towel: Your bath towel is designed to mop up water from your body; if you use it on your hair, it will do the same thing, devoid it of moisture. Invest in a micro fibre towel or use an old shirt; this won’t mop up all the moisture in your hair.
  • A not too expensive humidifier: This will help moisturize your hair during winter when you have to keep your hair game going, it is a better option than standing next to a steaming shower to get your hair properly moisturized.

Get your hair curly with this simple method

Getting your hair to form curls is quite simple and straight forward, no matter the length of your hair. Be it long, short or medium lengths, a hair dryer, a heat protectant and sea salt spray are some of the things you will need. Here’s a video tutorial by JustKryptic on how to get your hair curly.

The steps to keep your hair in curls are explained as follows:

Wet your hair

You could start by washing your hair if it needs washing or just wet it generally, make sure the water reaches all corners of your hair. If you are doing a total wash, a hydrating shampoo and conditioner would be ideal. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or an old shirt until it is slightly damp.

Use a heat protectant

A heat protecting cream will protect your hair from heat damage and make sure the hair does not dry faster. Divide the hair into sections depending on the volume and apply has needed

Sea salt spray

A good sea salt spray will leave your hair in a defined state that will make it easy to curl. You can work your hand into the hair for better distribution.

You can now use a dryer

Blow dry the hair and use a diffuser to spread heat evenly all over your hair, if your dryer comes with one. To effectively dry your hair and get wave definitions, dry from the hair root up.

While drying, squeeze portions of the hair that the heat reaches to make the sea salt spray work effectively. As the hair dries gradually, apply more sea salt spray to achieve more curls.

Make the curls defined

To create single curls, wrap bunches of hair around your finger and apply direct heat to make it more defined. If certain parts of the hair are still unyielding, apply more sea salt spray and dry when necessary.

Apply a styling product to finish it off

A cream or ointment should be applied to finish the hair off, use your fingers to gently comb it out and you are free to rock your curls.

Hairstyling tips for your curly hair

Natural curly hair man

Curls are trendy and since your hair is naturally curly, follow the few steps below in order to maintain it.

  • On your wash day, treat your hair first to a pre shampoo treatment, then shampoo it and finally use a conditioner. One good hair treatment regimen is deep conditioning when you can.
  • No need to apply curl cream, or fixative to your natural curl
  • It is best to keep your curls as short as possible in order to maintain it, overly long curls might be difficult to handle.

Adding fixative to get curled hair

If you want to achieve a particular curled hairstyle for a special event, you might want to do the steps mentioned below:

  • Wash your hair and make sure it doesn’t dry out, this is needed to achieve the right curl definition
  • To your damp hair, apply a heat protection spray and also use sea salt spray
  • Air dry your hair or use a blow dryer if you are in a hurry
  • Wrap a curling comb around sections of your hair to achieve the curls of your choice

Hairstyles for curled hair with the sides shaved for men

You can decide to shave both sides of your hair and keep the middle part in a curled style. This is a nice and trendy hair style but you have to consider the hairstyle that best suits you. You can either go to a hair salon or do it at home yourself.

  • If you have a mind to do it yourself, shave both sides of your hair with a clipper. It is best to mark places where the haircut will stop in order not to have a lopsided style.
  • Shave the back of your head too, if it suits the hair style you want to achieve. All this should be done in front of a mirror for better result.
  • If you are going for a stylist in a hair salon, all you have to do is describe the style you want, show them pictures and sit down to have your hair cut.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to arrange the remaining hairstyle. A tight hair comb can scatter your curls.

How to keep your curls in line

You have achieved the curls of your dreams, with or without the sides shaved. How do you make sure it doesn’t become untidy and loose? Here’s a YouTube video on how to keep your curls in line.

The simple tips below will help you keep your curls in line.

Moisturizing products

What curls need the most is to stay hydrated, to maintain the bouncy, curly quality. Use products that moisturize your curls and shampoos that won’t dry out your hair when you use them. Make sure you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables too and drink lots of water. Use hydrating oils, creams and curl cream for better definition, do not overuse to prevent product build up.


While washing, use warm water instead of hot water to retain moisture.

Styling products

Be it gels, pomade or creams, make sure you do not over use these products. Also, use the ones that will keep your curls defined and well hydrated

The shape of your face

Round, oblong, square or any face shape you might have, own it and be comfortable in your skin. With any hair style you might decide to rock, the shape of your face sometimes dictates the style that suits you. It is best to consult a hair stylist on the best way to wear your curls.

Curly hair can be demanding, so wear styles that you can maintain on a day to day basis while going about your business or busy schedule. Depending on the setting you work in, a professional or casual style depends on your choice of career.

How to manage your hair while styling and combing

You will have to comb your curls some times, and a wide tooth comb is your best bet. If your hair curls naturally, you do not need to use a styling tool. All you have to do is let your hair take the natural course, just keep it moisturised. You can wrap strands in sections of your hair around your fingers to better help the curls form.

If your hair doesn’t curl naturally, you will need a curl cream and a curling comb. Just go easy on the heat and use a heat protectant spray anytime you want to apply heat. Make sure your hair is in sections in order to cover the entire hair.


It is clear from the above descriptions that curls are not so hard to form. Depending on your hairstyle, you might need to go to a salon or do it at home yourself. Curls will always remain trendy and if you have a natural hair of curls it gets even better.  And yes you can create curly hair that lasts.

From curly fringe to curly quiff haircut, you can never get it wrong as long as you choose a style that suits your face. I am sure you now understand how to achieve the right curl definition at home. Let me know what you think in the comments section, it was nice going on the curl journey with you.