How to Combine the Colours of Your Clothes?

Being trendy and well-dressed is not so easy. There are many things to think of, including the clothes’ style, patterns, and colours. And, while combining clothes of different styles is pretty easy, matching their colours is not easy at all.

It’s true that there are some colours you can combine with every other colour, such as black and white. However, not every combination you wear can be with black and white. Sometimes, you just have to experiment with colours and match the right ones. But there are so many colours, shades, and patterns that colour matching becomes a hard job. While it may be hard, it’s not impossible because there are some golden rules for colour matching. So, let’s have a look at them.

The Golden Rules of Colour Matching

Wear Neutral Colours

Have you noticed that there is usually a dress form in boutiques dressed in neutral colours? It’s because they are easy to combine with the rest of the colours. So, build your wardrobe around white, black, grey, light beige, brown, khaki, navy, light blue, sky blue, and olive green. Since they get along with most of the others, you should have them as a base of each outfit.

Wear Not-so Neutral Colours

Although neutral colours like white, green, light beige and grey are easy to combine, there are other not-so neutral colours which are easy to combine, too. So, instead of wearing the standard neutrals, you can wear metallics. Because gold and silver can also be easily combined with all colours. Plus, they will make your outfits look more stylish and fun.

Wear Primary Colours

If you don’t remember, those are yellow, red, and blue. By mixing two of them, all other colours are created. So, if you are not sure how to match your colours, just stick to the primary ones. For example, you can wear them in colour blocks, which means that you can wear one colour as your top and another as your bottom. You can also wear them together as stripes or plaids.


By combining colours that are close together in the colour wheel, such as beige and brown, you are never going to make a mistake. It’s because their tones meld with each other, looking great when styled together.


This is opposite the monochromatic combination. Namely, instead of matching clothes that are close to each other on the colour wheel, you can match colours that are opposite one to another. Because opposites attract, right? Therefore, you can combine black and white, yellow and purple, or pastel-pink with green. However, keep in mind that if you combine more than 3 different colours that aren’t in the same chromatic range, your outfit won’t look good at all.

Consider Your Skin Tone

When thinking about matching colours, you should also consider your skin tone. Although this isn’t mandatory, it’s helpful. In order to find out your skin tone, you should have a look at the veins that are on the back of your wrist. If they are blue or purple, it means that you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if they are green or have a yellow cast, you have a warm skin tone.

What About Prints?

Prints can be friends or foes, depending on how you use them. Namely, they can be your foe if you wear two printed clothing items at the same time. It’s because prints clash one with another because their lines make you look in different directions and get lost. To avoid that, you should combine printed clothes with black coloured clothes.

But, prints can also be your friend if you know how to use them for combining the colours of your outfits. In order to do that, you should take a look at the colours present in the print and match the other colours of your outfit to them. If, for example, you have shoes in light-brown and black tiger print, you can wear light-brown/beige top and black pants or jeans.

It’s easier to imagine a good combination of a printed and monochromatic piece if you think of pairing bikini. Women love to mix and match a different colour or print bikinis. For example, a good pairing means choosing a women’s rash vest with modern print and one color bikini.

What About the Accessories?

There are two simple rules for this:

  1. When you wear cold colours, you should match them with silver accessories. And opposite, when wearing warm colours, you should match them with golden accessories.
  2. You should combine your bag with your shoes. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s a good idea to complement your outfit, especially if it’s in one colour.

As you can see being stylish and trendy isn’t as easy as it seems. There are so many things you should consider when combining your clothes. And regardless of how simple it seems to create a great outfit, it’s not, especially when it comes to colour matching. But, we believe that if you follow the rules mentioned above, you won’t have a hard time creating your look.