A Guide to Casual Dressing for Men

When it comes to dressing up and looking good, suits are an ideal option. However, you cannot wear and carry them on a daily basis, which makes them a less preferred option unless you are attending a meeting or a special occasion. This is where causal dressing comes in. You need to look good but not too flashy. At the same time, casual dressing works for almost every event so it is highly unlikely that you look odd amongst others. The thing with casual dressing is that even though it sounds simple but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to pull off.

Dress like a Man rather than a Boy

This is where it can either go entirely wrong or absolutely right. Unfortunately, for most men, it goes entirely wrong. The reason is that most men try to look youthful and that is the biggest mistake they make when it comes to casual dressing. The thing is that you cannot change certain things such as your age and it is better to keep certain things as they are. You should how to carry yourself and ignore what others have to say. With that being said, stop wearing boyish clothes. If you want to look well-dressed, opt for mature clothing.

Apart from your clothing, maturity is what defines your dressing sense. It is an attractive quality in men and separates them from boys as well. However, that does not mean that you should dress like your dad. It means that you should put aside all those funny or cartoony tees. You want to look like someone who is looking to the future, not stuck in the past.

Opt for a mature look

Casual dressing men need to look mature. There is no other way of saying that. Sadly, if you are a fan of graphic and cartoony tees, you cannot achieve that if you keep on wearing them. Instead, opt for plain t-shirts or collar shirts. You will hardly see men in their 30s and 40s wearing cartoony tees because they are simply way past that. Wearing plain clothing items gives them a more mature and manly look. Furthermore, if you were to opt for a graphic tee, you will blend into the crowd and that should not be the case. You should be unique, original standing out from the crowd.

Rock jeans that define casual

This guide to casual dressing is incomplete without the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans can make a lot of difference, only if you choose to wear the right pair. And for your information, the right pair of jeans does not mean saggy, extreme baggy or loose jeans. We say that because if you choose to wear baggy jeans, imagine pulling up your jean every two seconds. They should fit around your waist without needing a belt and should not pool around your ankles as well. Furthermore, avoid embellishments as well, which means no excessive rips or bleaching nonsense.

The best way to pull off a casual look when it comes to jeans is wearing simple ones. Go for something that is either light or dark blue or you are guaranteed to kill it. However, you will need to try different pairs to determine the perfect fit. If you are slim, you can opt for slim fit jeans. On the other hand, if you are packing some weight, a straight fit is going to be your best option.

Bring more change down below

As mentioned previously, jeans look great but there is one downside to them. They all look the same. Therefore, you need to bring a little change down there. What mean to say is that you should invest in one or two pairs of chinos. You can wear your regular outfits with jeans but if you were to wear them with chinos, it will give you an entirely different look. The reason is that chinos come in a variety of colors allowing more space for experiments. We suggest that you buy a camel or grey colored chino, to begin with.

Class Up the Footwear

Now that we have got the jeans and clothes covered, it is time to move on to footwear. To begin with, you need to set those dirty sneakers aside if you want to pull off the casual look properly. They will simply ruin an otherwise excellent outfit. Remember that people notice shoes, especially women. While there are shoes that can cost hundreds of dollars, it does not mean that they are necessarily going to suit you. Therefore, do not worry about that. Just find something that matches your outfit. For instance, wear a pair of brown leather shoes for your everyday look. You cannot go wrong with this one. Brown leather shoes will work with any outfit.

Decorate Your Wrists

Believe it or not, casual dressing for men can make a lot of difference by decorating your wrists. Why? Because naked wrists are simply boring. For instance, you can wear a watch, a leather bracelet or both. In this case, there are no particular rules to wear. Just wear something that adds more detail and personality.

Layer Your Clothes

Sometimes, while casual outfits might look excellent on some people, it might be too boring at the same time as well. It does not have to do anything with what you are wearing but what more you can add to make the outfit more interesting. For instance, opting for a white shirt underneath a grey sweater is going to make things interesting, instead of simply wearing a grey sweater. And if that does not work out, wear an additional layer. Play around as much as you want to because that is the only way of finding the perfect casual look.

Wear a jacket

While you do not need to suit up everytime to look good, you can always wear a good-looking jacket to elevate your casual look. With that being said, opt for a well-fitting blazer. A blazer tends to give you a look, which no other male garment apparently provides.

Ignore the fashion world

Last but not the least, ignore the fashion world. Most men tend to look towards the fashion world when figuring out how to dress well. They should know that the fashion world is all about photoshop, makeup, and hundreds of designers working together to create different looks. Therefore, what might appear as unique and stylish on the models will look completely different on you. Focus on getting classic yet trendy clothes that will look good all year round. Focus on timeless pieces. Gradually, fill your closet with clothing items and accessories that never go out of fashion.

Final Word

The key to casual dressing lies in opting for simple yet classy outfits and looks. Since there are no rules in this game, except a few such as the ones mentioned above, you can play around with different items to keep it casual and simple every day. Do not be bothered about what the world is up to, focus on what you think will make you a star player.