Men’s Fashion Guide When Visiting a Casino

Whenever you watch a scene in a movie or a TV show where the character would go to a casino to play poker, you would often see them in suits or dresses that make them look like they are attending a luxurious party in a hotel. What they are wearing are the clothes appropriate to the dress code that is followed by many when entering a casino. While some casinos would allow you to go inside wearing casual clothes like t-shirts and jeans, there are some that prohibit you from entering if you are not wearing a suit or a proper dress. To know more about what to wear, here is a men’s fashion guide when visiting a casino.

Look for the Casino’s Dress Code

If you are planning to visit a casino in a nearby town or city, it is important to know if they have a dress code so that you won’t have to go back to the house to change clothes, if ever you’re not wearing the appropriate ones. Almost all casinos today have dedicated websites, with many of them indicating a dress code that players should follow in order to get access inside. The most common dress codes in casinos are business casual and semiformal, so be ready to buy some suits or coats if you don’t have those.

Search for Photos of the Casino’s Interior

If it is your first time entering your chosen casino, it is also essential that you know what it looks like from the inside. Being knowledgeable in the casino’s interior will enable you to match your clothes or make them look different from the colors found inside the casino. Most casinos today are predominantly gold, red, and green in color, so you may want to buy clothes with colors that are different from the ones mentioned. Since you will most likely go to the casino at night, you may also want to wear darker-colored clothes to suit the atmosphere or environment better.

Go for a Black-Tie Suit

Speaking of appropriately colored clothes, the best type of suit that you should wear for a night out at the casino is black-tie. The black-tie suit, of course, features a black necktie, but it is often partnered with a black coat or suit. Most men would complement these black clothes with a white shirt so that the black necktie will become more noticeable. A black-tie suit doesn’t necessarily have to be black and white in color, as you can go for a darker colored tie or coat. However, not all dark colors are appropriate for a black-tie night-out, and the only colors that are deemed to be the correct ones are navy, charcoal gray, and black. If you want to look a little bit fancier, you may opt to wear a tuxedo at the casino.

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You Can Go for Semiformal

If you don’t want to appear too fancy, you are allowed to dress in semiformal clothes. You can just go with a simple long-sleeved dress shirt with a blazer or a soft coat and ditch the tie if you are not comfortable in wearing one. The key here is that you still want to look respectable even if you are not wearing a black-tie suit, so make sure that your clothes are fitted and not baggy.

Choose the Right Shoes

Although not many people will notice your shoes at the casino, it is still crucial that you match them with the clothes you are wearing. For black-tie suit, the obvious choice would be the black leather shoes. For semiformal clothes, you can go for either brown shoes or dark red shoes if you want to be different. The one type of shoe that you should never wear on the casino is the sneaker or rubber shoe, as they look too casual and would not gel well with suits and ties. Another footwear type that you must not wear is the flip-flops, as these are more suitable for summer getaways at the beach or for playing online casino games at home with no deposit codes at Fair Go.

Bring Extra Casual Clothes

After playing in the casino, you may not want to look fancy in the streets or in other places that you and your friends visit, so you should bring with you some extra casual clothes so you can look like you’ve never been to the casino when you have just finished playing a hundred rounds of poker. You can bring a pair of denim pants and a simple t-shirt to go along with it. You may also grab a pair of sneakers for you to be more comfortable while walking in the streets. A backpack is a good item to have for you to bring these clothes, and you can leave the bag in the baggage counter that almost all casinos have. Wearing casual clothes after visiting the casino is also a safety precaution since you don’t want thieves or evildoers to look at you wearing fancy and expensive clothes.

So, there you have it, six steps for you to dress appropriately in the casino and outside. Be sure to wear the clothes correctly before going out, so button-up your shirt, tie the necktie properly and wear matching socks, and you will be good to go.