Do You Make These Horrible Mistakes When You Choose Shoes?

One of the most important accessories you will buy is the shoe. You do not need to be someone that loves accessories. You have to wear shoes and you need to know how to select appropriate footwear. There are so many shoe types and if you take a look at a comprehensive shoe guide, you will feel overwhelmed. However, in many cases the important decision does not boil down to what you should choose. The choice boils down to what you should never choose. This is why you need to always avoid the following horrible mistakes when choosing shoes.

Formalwear And Sneakers

One of the worst things you can ever make if you are a man is to wear sneakers with a tuxedo. Even with a suit the look will be horrible. The exact same thing can be said about women going to a wedding. Formalwear automatically means you need to carefully choose what shoes to wear. The best thing to do if you are confused is to just go for a classic.

Ignoring Shoe Shelf Life

Shoes do have an associated shelf life, no matter what you might think. Many just wear the same shoes over and over because they were expensive or they are simply loved. When shoes have holes, are scratched, faded or just look old, it is time to stop wearing them. Basically, do not wear shoes when worn out. These shoes have to be thrown out.

The only situation in which you can consider wearing older shoes is with the pair is in a good condition but there are just some minor issues present, like scratches or worn heels. These pairs can be taken to someone that can repair them.

Always Wearing Black Shoes

So many prefer black shoes due to their versatility. Normally, a black pair is a clear safe bet but never limit yourself just to this color. A patterned or colorful shoe can easily make an outfit look a lot better. Remember this when looking at your next pair to buy. Various vibrant options are nowadays available on the market for absolutely all shoe types.

Not Knowing When You Should Not Wear Socks

You need socks with sneakers and dress shoes but there are many cases in which feet look a lot better if naked. As an example, sandals and socks should never be mixed. This rule has no exception, just as with boat shoes. If you wear socks with shoes that are designed for barefoot use, you instantly look duller and people will say that you have absolutely zero style sense.

Barefoot Running Shoes

Some time ago, barefoot running shoes were incredibly popular. Everyone seemed to love them. The idea was that it is better for a person to run without shoes. The problem is that this is a very bad idea. There is zero scientific proof that it is better for the feet to run barefoot. On the other hand, there are numerous studies that showed the benefits of using appropriate running shoes.