Which Lamp Is More Impactful On Mental Health: Salt Lamp Night Light or Natural Salt Lamps?

Salt-based lamps are gaining unprecedented popularity, and there several legitimate reasons for the shift. There are still plenty of misconceptions and false assumptions about salt lamp night-lights, so it is essential to know more about them before you finally decide to buy one. So let’s dive in and get to know this fantastic product real up and close.

Effects of Salt Lamp Night Light on mental health

These salt lamps are constructed from the chunks of Himalayan Pink Salt rocks, found in the salt caves of Pakistan. The salt is extracted and then hand-carved into either lamp or grounded finely into a powder for use as salt in different culinary dishes.

When a small LED or low wattage bulb is installed inside the block of an intricately carved salt rock, it tends to emit a soft glow light, which is neither too intense nor too weak on the eyes. This trademark characteristic makes the product ideal for using as a night light in several households and offices.

You can either place your salt lamp on a table or even on the ground. Most people use them as floor lamps because it allows them to have enough space on the table to keep the rest of their stuff, without compromising on the benefits that this lamppost has to offer. Several reports are doing the rounds that claim the immense power of salt-based lamps, which are known to emit negative ions when switched on. The process is believed to raise brain oxygen levels, thereby imparting more energy and awareness to all present in its vicinity. These exquisite lamps carved out of the Pink Himalayan salt chunks do emit negative ions, but maybe not in substantial amounts. However, that doesn’t suggest they aren’t helpful enough.

Lamps made from chunks of pink salts have a significant effect on air quality as they draw moisture to their surface and then remove it from the air. As this water normally includes contaminants, molds, microbes, pollens, and other harmful allergens the process presents a perfectly natural way of cleaning the air. No wonders, the advocates and lovers of salt lamp have come to embrace and propagate the use of these practical and gorgeous lamps everywhere.

Do natural salt lamps have more effects on brain performance?


As you all might be aware by now that the lamps developed from the Himalayan Pink salt are basically the crystals from the rock salt, which are mostly reddish, pink, white, or amber-colored. They are then carved out to accommodate a light bulb within, and when illuminated, they tend to give off a soft yellowish-pink glow.

Retailers of these artistic pieces claim they can do more than just lighting up space. There are many studies that claim the positive effect of salt lamps on brain performance, which they largely do so by raising morale, reducing anxiety, alleviating sleeplessness, relieving allergies, besides cleaning the air quality in their proximity. The outcome is largely attributed to the release of negative ions on switching on the lamp; however, there are not enough studies to substantiate the claim.

After a hurricane or a strong wind passes, many people believe being filled with a peculiar sense of relaxation and clear-headedness— a state they think is due to the appreciable amount of negative ions in the atmosphere. Several ionizers and air purification systems also generate negatively activated ions to make enclosed spaces feel more clear and pleasant.

Several studies conducted on mice and rats have already proved that high levels of negative ions in the surrounding atmosphere leads to the generous production of serotonin in their bodies a chemical compound that adds to feelings of wellness and enhanced brain receptivity.

As per a small pilot study done recently, people were made to sit in a room and undertake a cognitive ability test. The paint on the walls of the room had a high amount of air ions (both positive and negative), and apparently, these participants fared better in the test. Yet the very paint showed a little impact on their overall health. Since the research was done on a relatively small level, it can’t be termed as conclusive.

Which color of natural salt lamps is more effective for the mind?

Which color of natural salt lamps is more effective for the mind

Different Salt rock color tones flow deep throughout the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range covering India, Pakistan, and parts of Nepal. The traditional colors of the veins are white, pink, orange, and red. In essence, the color of a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp relies greatly on the source from which it was extracted. And since these are natural commodities, there is no guarantee of color, but the majority of these salt lamps can be found in orange hues, which tend to emit the warmest glow.

Different colored lamps have a different impact on an individual:

Different colored lamps

  • White: Best for healing and detoxification of the body
  • Pink: Promotes the feelings of love, trust, and companionship
  • Orange: Improves nervous function besides activating the kidney and bladder system.
  • Red: Stimulates blood circulation and promotes heart health.