How much is my Antique Mirror Worth?

They say old is gold, but sometimes even gold needs to be replaced. So, if you want to reconstruct your living space and spice up with some unique and different aspects of the modern interior, your antique mirror would not be of much use there. So, whether you sell the mirror out, rent it out or simply get rid of it, you must know what your mirror is worth. Want to know some exciting stuff about your mirror and its worth? Well, gear up fellas!

Condition of Your Antique Mirror: Examine It


Worried about the old mirror soul’s lineage and worth? Trust us, we understand how letting go of people and things is not an easy process, but sometimes it is required. A few looks here, a few touches there, deep analysis and you have what you call, your old mirror’s true value!

So, get the examining groove on and bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes! Remember, many of you might not want to replace their old mirror because they want to renovate their spaces with something modern, it could be simply that the antique mirror has become too old and worn out. So, the first step is to figure out how old your mirror truly is. It is possible that your mirror might be truly old and so it would fit a museum or a vintage room perfectly! Now a series of actions can easily help you identify the true worth of your mirror. So, let’s figure out their details and intricacies!

1. Analyze the Backside of the Antique Mirror

Analyze the Backside of the Antique Mirror

One perfect way to identify the real age of your mirror is to search its backside. It sounds weird, but pinky promise it works! Want to know why? Well, the interesting fact about old mirrors is how they have a wooden back instead of an ordinary paper one. Yikes! Moreover, a thorough examination of the nails, screws, hangers and other aspects can easily tell the age of the mirror. The human eye truly is a wonder too wonderful! Yes! You heard us right. One can exactly tell the difference between a handmade rough-edged mirror and a modern-day high finesse; machine made version of a mirror. Maybe the back also contains a tag of the place and date of origin of the antique mirror. So, look properly and you will have an answer before you know!

2. Check the Condition of the Frame

Just look closely; the frame has a story to unfold! A story that is telling. Fellas, an old framed will most probably be worn out with scratches, textural irregularities and even some changed in the paint. There might be several chips and breaks here and there too! So, keep a lookout for all such differences. Confused about an antique mirror and a slightly old one? Well, the former will have extreme irregularities and differences whereas the former one wills a few. Do not fret; you will be able to tell the difference once you see it live! Simply, get your A-game on and Voila! You will be able to identify a truly ancient mirror!

3. Trace the Frame


Now, remember that framed ancient mirrors are rare to find but relatively easier to identify because the frame speaks volumes from within! An old mirror’s frame will not be in pristine condition, no matter how carefully it was used. Discolorations and uneven corners are the two most prominent aging factors of ancient mirrors’ frames. Give the frame a detailed and untimely sniff and we promise, you will have all the answers! After all, the frames are like human skin, both tell tales of aging and greying.

4. Quality of the Mirror GlassQuality of the Mirror Glass


Believe us or not, but there are multiple ways to tell about the quality and age of the mirror glass. For example, the ideal way is to know that over time, the reflective silver mercury covering an antique mirror wears out and oxidizes. If there are patches on your mirror, which look quite similar, it could be signaling to a copy of the mirror plate. This bubbling or wave-like effect in ancient mirrors is a clear sign that you must not miss out! Similarly, the color of the glass is a highly important factor too! Ancient mirrors usually had a yellow or a grey hue. So, a colorless glass is indicative of a modern mirror or a replaced mirror. So, look out for these slight differences, because at the end of the day these slight differences are the real game-changers!

So, while all the aforementioned steps are necessary, you must also conduct prior research before investigating an antique mirror’s truth. After all, the more you know, the better it is! Get your magnified glass out and peek through every detail to find out the truth!