How to wear a light blue dress?

Are you looking for a feminine and elegant dress that is easy to wear daily and adapts easily to all occasions? Bet on light blue dresses!

Discover our tips for wearing blue dresses for women well: shoes, jewelry, and make-up. We will tell you everything!


The light blue party dress is timeless, and the details you choose to wear with it can change everything. Obviously, choosing the proper cut of your light blue dress is essential, but you are trusted on this point.

We are interested in what should be associated with your pretty dress to be ultra-trendy and always elegant: shoes, jewelry.

In the shoe department, you are spoilt for choice: the light blue dress will work with pumps as well as sneakers, ankle boots, boots, or sandals.

To make the right choice, adapt to the season, occasion, and dress cut.

  1. For a casual summer outfit, a pair of flat metallic sandals will go very well with a fluid light blue dress, a chic bohemian style.
  2. If your dress is relatively straight or close to the body, we advise you to prefer heeled shoes just to lengthen your leg: sandals or mules for the summer, pumps, or boots in winter.
  3. For sneaker fans, we advise choosing a short light blue or midi length dress, skater or empire cut preferably, or a long shirt style dress.

Choose your jewelry to go with a light blue dress

As with shoes, you choose your jewelry according to your style, that of the dress, the occasion, trends, and your complexion. Nothing is prohibited with a light blue dress: you can wear gold, silver, wood, color, or bronze. Take a look at fashion collections: you will find lots of inspiration there.

On the trend side, we really like the fine jewelry trend at the moment: natural stones (lapis lazuli, citrine, aventurine, quartz), XXL jewelry in resin, and wood. It is easy to choose appropriate jewelry, and almost nothing is prohibited.

What color of varnish with a light blue dress?

A perfect manicure is an integral part of an outfit! Beautifully varnished nails will always bring the final touch to your look. With a light blue dress, you can (almost) afford everything.

Red is, of course, an excellent varnish color with a light blue dress, as well as nude varnishes, pink, brown, etc. We also really like the idea of choosing a shade of blue between your dress and your nails, so do not hesitate to fall for a sky blue, blue-green, or dark glitter blue varnish.

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