How to Hire Topless Waiters for Girls’ Night

Are you planning for girls’ night soon? Planning for a refreshing and exciting girls’ night party can be pretty tough. You’ve got to prepare the food, drinks, and of course entertainment. And if you feel like spoiling your girls with something extra special – hire a bunch of topless waiters, Adelaide. You can book from Aussie hunks for the best options.

Those who are unfamiliar with this service involve professional men serving food and drinks wearing nothing but a small apron covering their genitals. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Here are tips to help you hire a topless waiter for your girls’ night:

Know Your Budget

According to reports, bachelor/bachelorette parties cost £464 in the UK.

Girls’ night party does not come cheap. Most likely you’ll be inviting many people, and you’ve got to prepare the food and drinks, and pay for their entrance fee as well. So before deciding on how many waiters you need, determine first your budget limit. A good waiter costs between $50 to $80 per hour.

It is essential to check the costs and hire only those that will not break your budget. You can look for discounts and rates and book from Aussie hunks.

Check Their Availability

Some waiters are not available on certain days or during specific times. If you have already reserved a venue for your party, it is best to hire someone who can accommodate your schedule so that you will not need to change the date and time of your party.

Plus, it’s best to ensure that the waiter has the experience and is qualified to be part of the entertainment. Don’t hesitate to learn more by checking out strip sydney.

Communicate with Your Guests

Before hiring a waiter, ask your guests if they’re okay with this additional entertainment, whether it will excite them more or not, and how comfortable they are in having this kind of experience. An excellent excuse to get everyone’s input is to seek their opinion about the food and drinks and ask how to spend your budget.

Hire a Professional Waiter

A pro can give you that extra assurance that everything will go as planned. The experts know various ways to cater to guests of all personalities and entertain them properly.

Check the Company Reputation

Reputable companies and services will provide you with a detailed contract, and their waiters are adequately trained to deal with different guests. Ensure that the waiter can match your requirements and personality and not ruin the party.

Check if the online company is licensed and insured if something goes wrong during or after the event.

Check Customer Reviews and Testimonials

It is crucial to check the reviews and testimonials of your chosen company before you decide to work with them. It will provide you with a good idea of what they’re all about and what kind of service they offer.

You can also ask previous clients for their opinions of their services since this is the only way for you to know whether or not the benefit of the company is worth your time and money.


You should be very careful and do your research well. Take time to check online reviews of companies, call their business number and ask questions about the package you want and the specific services you require.

It is essential that you feel happy with what they offer, and it is recommended to make a list of all the critical things to you before starting your search.