6 Fashion mistakes many women make and how to avoid them

We start off his article with the admission that fashion rules are incredibly overwhelming. From the advice you get on what to avoid and what to wear, to considering your bod shape and silhouette you are aiming for, it can feel like an increasingly difficult process when you are simply trying to look good and feel good in your clothes. On top of that, you might have no one to give you advice, or even have the money to hire a professional stylist.

This makes it very easy to commit fashion mistakes – many times without even knowing it. For instance, you are going for an event knowing you look amazing, only to discover in horror through pictures that your hemline was wrong, the dress you wore looks frumpy, there were parts of your body popping out where you never intended it to, and so on.

This is understandably something that happens to all of us at some point, and the annoyance of shopping for clothes or even designing your look is understandable. Here are some fashion mistakes to help you get to the source of the problem, and stem it before it escalates.

 Failing to tailor your clothes

 In case you did not know, your tailor should be among your best friends, because of the adjustments they can do for you when you want more flattering looks. This applies to all your clothes – not just the tailored suits, dresses and skirts, but also your jeans.

Finding the perfect set of clothes is a daunting task in itself. However, when you have the right tailor, they can make adjustments for you, and that revelation alone will instantly change the way you shop for clothes.

Tailor Clothes

You are wearing an incorrectly sized bra

Wearing an incorrectly sized bra is such a common mistake many women make, and most of the time it is unknowingly. You might not be aware of it, but your bust size changes according to certain factors such as age, pregnancy changes, and weight gain or loss. Many of the factors that lead to breast changes are not under your control, so the best thing to do is go for measurements after some time to ascertain whether your bra is correct.

In fact, a recent study revealed that over 60 percent of women are wearing incorrect sizes. When selecting a bra, it is important to ignore the perceived comfort you are getting, and select one that offers you enough support. In addition, never assume your bust size, even after you were measured – it fluctuates all the time. Every time you shop for new underwear, always have your size measured, and replace them after six to seven months.

Purchasing clothes based on your ideal size instead of what you currently are

You are probably familiar with the idea of buying clothes based on your target size – you have likely seen it before. For instance, someone deciding they want to fit into a certain dress or skirt like tutu skirt in six months, so they go ahead and buy it, only to fail in achieving their goal.

The problem with this approach is that you are buying clothes based on what you intend yourself to be, so you have clothes sitting in your closet because they do not fit, or you did not achieve your desired body shape fast enough. The solution? Never buy clothes based on ideal weight loss or body shape, and always work with what you currently have. Even if it is on offer, avoid buying clothes that are too small for you.

You have to let go of the idea that you want to be a certain number on the weighing scale. In fact, the most important factor is the feeling you have when you wear the clothes, not their size. Sizing in itself is relative, and there is no correct or incorrect standard. The better your clothes fit, the better you will look, regardless of your body shape or size.

Wearing the wrong shoes

The last scenarios you want when you are wearing shoes is feel or look uncomfortable when you are walking, or being forced to change your gait because of shoes that are too tight or loose. That alone will chip away at your confidence – and it is not worth it.

Instead of choosing an uncomfortable shoe like high heels when you are not used to them, always go for a comfortable shoe that is timeless in its design – for instance a chic wedge. The more confidence you have in your shoes, the better you will look.


Going too much on the retro theme

Retro is becoming big, if it already ‘in’. However, that does not mean you wear retro styles without adding a modern touch to it – otherwise, you will end up looking like you are wearing a costume, unless that is what you are going for. An instance would be adding a cropped leather jacket to a vintage midi skirt.

Trends are not necessarily a bad thing – but they can lead to wastage of your resources, money and time, if you follow them too much. If you are tempted to spend on something that you see is ‘in’ at the time, it is likely a mistake. This is probably due to the lack of a plan, which results in a wardrobe full of great clothes, but you cannot wear them.

Your fashion choices should always be done after much consideration, and the styles you choose should complement your own personality and body frame. Trends will not help you much there, as what you are seeing looks good on someone may not necessarily look good on you. Before spending your money on something, ask yourself if it is worth the price and will last the test of time, or whether you just want it right there and then.

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Getting the best cloths to fit your frame is something that takes effort, because you need to know what you want and what looks good on you. This will help you avoid making fashion blunders, and increase your overall confidence as well.