Tips How to Wear a Saree and Still Look Slim

Sarees have been part of Indian tradition since the old days. They are the most loved attire in India even today. Every woman loves to wear a saree so it’s important to know how to wear one and still look slim. You may find this statement strange, but you don’t want to wear a saree and look like you’re drowning in fabric.Tips How to Wear a Saree and Still Look Slim

A saree is supposed to make you look gorgeous no matter your body shape or size. The way you wear your saree can make you look slimmer or fatter than you really are. Certain sarees are designed to suit a particular body shape and size.

Here are a few tips you can use to wear your saree and still look slim. 

Pick dark colours

Choose sarees with darker colours like navy blue, deep gray, fuchsia, and orange whose tones drawattention to the colour and not your body shape. Dark colours are safe colours for women of all shapes and sizes because they help cover up areas that need covering while still accentuating your assets. You can also go for a saree that is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom to draw the attention away from the heavy upper torso.

Pick dark colours

Pleat your saree properly

A well-pleated saree is a battle half won when it comes to wearing a saree. A saree shouldn’t be hipped carelessly at the naval area because it will give you a completely different look. Make sure the pleats are just right. You can style your pallu loosely or make sleek pleats that will accentuate your frame and make you look taller.  

Choose elongated and light print          

Everybody loves print and big print designs attract a lot of attention. However, in this case, you should avoid big print. Go for sarees with small and elongated prints that are spread throughout the fabric to make you look taller and slimmer.

yellow saree

Go for thin borders

If a fat woman wears broad borders, her curves get accentuated even more which draws more attention to her curves in a non-flattering way. Avoid broad borders because they tend to make your frame look wider which will make you look shorter. Choose sarees with subtle or no borders so that they can flow along your frame and make you look sleek.

Pick the right blouse

Always go for a blouse that fits you well. A loose blouse makes your body look ill-shaped and a blouse that is too tight shows off your flaws. Also, it’s advisable to stay away from halter necks, sleeveless, cap-sleeved, and off shouldered blouses since they tend to draw attention to your upper body. If your problem area is your stomach, go for a longer blouse. You can go for an Indo-western style jacket or waistcoat from stylecaret online stores to hide your tummy.

Choose the right saree material

 The fabric that you choose for your saree can be the determining factor in how you will look when you wear your saree. Be very careful when it comes to choosing your saree material. Avoid picking materials that are too uptight or stiff because they will not drape naturally around your body. Avoid fabrics like Banasari, organza, or south cotton; instead go for crepe, silk, chiffon, and georgette that will make you look slimmer.

Be careful not to go for light fabrics that may be clingy and transparent, go for lighter fabric. Cotton is a good fabric for sarees but in order for cotton to work for a slimmer look you need to pick a lighter cotton fabric that is easy to carry, doesn’t get cramped a lot, and fall smoothly. You just need to avoid heavy south cotton and pure cotton. Instead, go for blended cotton fabric that will help you look slimmer and elegant.

Choose the right petticoat

Choose the right petticoat

You might think that nobody will see the petticoat under the many layers of saree. The petticoat’s fabric is important because it will help the saree stick to one place. Also avoid wearing flared petticoats, as they tend to make you shapeless and fat. A tight or bright coloured petticoat shouldn’t be worn with a light saree, chances are you will be very uncomfortable wearing it.

 Avoid too many pins

If you use too many safety pins on your saree, they will spoil the look. There are a few tricks you can use to keep your saree intact without using pins like you can use 1-2 pins and brooches to keep the saree rigid or you can opt to let the saree loose to flow freely.

Choose the right footwear

Footwear is an important accessory that you need to consider and one that is overlooked most of the time. The wrong footwear can completely destroy saree attire. When choosing the right shoe to wear avoid ballerinas, peep toes, and sandals for a saree outfit. Go for flat brogue shoes, contrasting loafers, or boat shoes to add some class to your saree. Make sure the height of your shoes doesn’t interfere with the length of the saree.

Pick appropriate accessories

Every woman loves to accessorize her outfit. Avoid wearing too contrasting or too loud accessories. You can opt to match your bindi, necklace, earrings, and bangles or as much as your attire will allow. You can also go without accessories or just put light ones with your chiffon or georgette saree. If you are going for an elegant but simple look, wear a beautiful pair of earrings and ditch the necklace.

Know when to wear it low or high

You should know your figure line and shape before wearing a saree to avoid embarrassments. This will depend on your belly fat and body shape. If you’re lean, trimmed, and medium height you should wear your saree on low waist. However, if you’re extremely tall, toned, and have a lean figure line, wear your saree a little bit higher to balance the look.


To get the right look from your saree you need to be very careful about these points.