What to Wear to a Winter Wedding?

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be quite stressful and then there is the added inconvenience of selecting the right outfit for a winter wedding with chilly winds, cold temperature, and probably rain. Although balancing fashion and protection in such cases is a daunting task for many but do not despair because we are going to assist you. Whether you are aiming for a timeless appearance or an on-trend impression, we have got you covered.

Winter Wedding Style Tips

Read The Dress Code

Although most weddings follow more or less the same dress codes but if you are attending a winter wedding you will have to read the dress code first if not already conveyed. It’s ironic that couples tend to spend hours designing their invitation cards but overlook the importance of dress codes. This leaves the guests guessing and wondering about what should and should not be worn.

If for instance, the invitation mentions black tie, it means a dinner suit also known as Tuxedo in plain English. You will be wearing a white shirt, a black bow tie, black high-shine shoes, and black socks.

You can wear a full suit here with different color combinations. Pocket squares are the most common nowadays and are comparatively easier to pull off as well. You can wear a striped shirt under a blazer with a nicely matched pocket square and plain colored pants underneath.

Be Smart While Picking Fabrics

This one is obvious but it still needs to be mentioned that you cannot wear a cotton or linen suit unless you want to freeze yourself. You should opt for flannel, tweed, wool, and cashmere if you want to look like a baller. Furthermore, look for clothes that are heavyweight and fully insulated.

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

If You Are The Groom

It is the biggest day of your life and you need to be a big man or a woman for this occasion. This is probably the only time you are going to be at your very best when it comes to dressing. Therefore, be wise and careful. Furthermore, do not be afraid to try something new and different from the tradition. After all, it is your day and you get to decide what looks and suits better on you.

If someone suggests keeping up with the regular black and white combination, we feel you, you might want to set that aside for a moment. We suggest that you opt for a two or three-piece suit depending on the formality and comfort level. You can opt for navy, black or dark grey but not patterned or double-breasted. For the rest, follow the same principle of wearing simple and modest clothing items. Choose Oxford shoes that are black high shine with a white shirt and opt for a trendy fine stripe or polka dot tie. And yes, do not forget a dark-colored floral dress pin.

If You Are a Top Table Guest

Arriving at the event as a celebrity is one of the goals of this guide to a winter wedding. Since you are a guest you must be wondering what to wear to a winter wedding? This is a popular question asked by many who are a bit nervous about attending winter weddings. Even though we would not like to add to your nervousness but the thing is that you are not a regular guest at the wedding.

Instead, you have made it to the top table. Which means you have to be extra careful now. You will be seated amongst others at the front table will catch the attention of the bride and groom, therefore, return their respect by not wearing something alarming. It is not your time to shine, so you cannot wear something that competes with the main man. Instead, choose navy or any other color that catches attention but not more than the groom itself. Then again, a white shirt and black shoe combination will work here as well but with a lighter tie and a pocket square that is simple yet trendy.

If You Are A Daytime Guest

If you thought that this winter wedding dressing guide was only for the groom and guests, you were wrong. We are going to help you dress as a daytime guest as well. It is a fact that daytime guests have a harder time dressing for a time than the bride herself. You have to dress up formal but not that formal. In this case, you are not restricted by the colors, shapes, or fabrics.

We will suggest that you opt for a grey, navy, or taupe to make your life easier with some check pinstripe or double-breasted silhouette. When it comes to choosing footwear, go for brown shows that will work perfectly with all of the above suits. And if the wedding happens to be on the casual end, you can opt for a grandad collar shirt with a pocket square as well.

If You Are An Evening Guest

Do not feel disappointed that you could not make it to the main event. Infact, feel blessed that you avoided hours of small talk. Considering it an evening attend, you still have to do your best. Your dressing should highlight that efforts were made. You can work with a grandad collar shirt with a black or charcoal roll neck jumper. It will offer the perfect balance between refinement and relaxation.

Key Winter Wedding Dressing Pieces


Since the suit is going to be the most important part of your dress, you need to get this right at every cost. You can opt for a single-breasted peak lapel suit for instance or a double-breasted suit for that matter as well. It will look good in winter. However, make sure that you do not wear it unbuttoned. So while everyone is moving to relax a bit, you are going to be held back a bit.


The biggest problem with wedding dresses is that men usually choose the wrong shirt and tie, which leads to the dreaded tie clash. However, it can be avoided by wearing a white shirt. We can hear that it might sound boring but if you were to put the best quality on show, you are not going to regret it. Try to avoid cheap cotton or poly uniform types. Instead, wear something that features texture and body.


Although the history of miniskirts highlight that women have been wearing such items during winters as well, but it all comes down to whether you can handle it. Since wedding events last for hours, you can bet that you will start shivering as soon as you arrive at the event. If you are used to wearing mini-skirts you will find it tempting to wear them at the event as well. However, we suggest that you drop the idea, especially if the temperature is below zero. Go for something that covers your body properly and prevents you from freezing 15 minutes into the occasion.


Matching the right shoes with the right suit is yet another dreadful task and men usually get it wrong. While the traditional brown colored shoes are dead and buried for a while now, you might want to wear something appropriate considering that you are going to dance later on as well. We recommend that you wear leather soles and neither commando nor rubber soles. Believe it or not, Derby and Oxford shoes will always win over loafers and monk straps.

Final Word

While you can easily carry and match outfits during the fall and spring season, winters are something different. You will need to wear something that protects you against the cold piercing winds while looking perfectly formal. It can be a difficult task to pull if left on your own. Therefore, consider the tips mentioned above to arrive perfectly suited and booted for the occasion.