What to Wear to a Wedding?

Vintage wedding guest dress or a trendy one?  Figuring out the dress to wear for a wedding is no easy task, especially for women who have many options to choose from.
While men tend to get a comfortable ride when it comes to choosing a wedding outfit – a suit and tie with an appropriate shoe usually do the job (you can get the best ones from Bespoke Wedding Suits Dubai) – it’s not as straightforward for women. Yes, they know that they have to wear a dress, but that’s as far as it can get in terms of generic rules. They also usually need to consider the theme of the wedding, the time and the date, the dress that the bride is going to wear, etc.

The availability of various options, from stylish design dresses to vintage wedding guest dress, doesn’t make thing any easier either. Therefore, today, we try to simplify your dress choosing process for a wedding in detail below.

Get the Basics Out of the Way

While women now enjoy a lot of freedom backed up by numerous options of dresses, there are still a few very general rules dictated by traditions for wedding attires. It starts with avoiding any shades of white – plain white, off-white, ivory, etc.; unless it’s a white wedding.

The day is obviously for the bride to shine, so avoiding to wear any overtly sexy or stylish dresses is a good idea too. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t present yourself attractively, just try to be reasonable. Most importantly, you shouldn’t wear your sweats or other casual attires to a wedding, even if it’s an informal or semi-formal occasion. It includes everything from avoiding t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops.

Following the Dress Code Specified

wedding guests

If the dress codes are specified in your invitation, the process of choosing a wedding outfit becomes much more manageable. For example, if it’s a white wedding, any formal or semi-formal white dress with a colorful pair of sandals or shoes would do. If it’s a vintage wedding, you know that you have to wear a vintage wedding guest dress.

However, you still should put some thoughts in avoiding over-the-top designs and accessories. It most probably won’t be mentioned in your invitation, but not carrying a big-sized purse is always a good idea for wedding events. Instead, keep a sparkling hand pouch that complements the theme.

Dressing Up for Unspecified Wedding

If you are invited to a wedding that doesn’t have a dress code, the process becomes a bit complicated. In such cases, the more you can get to know, the better. So, try and learn whether it’s an evening wedding or a day-time wedding, is the event happening in a church or in a seas-side resort, is it a formal event or a semi-formal event, and so on.

If you can’t know all the details, just have faith in yourself and put on your best black dress, the cocktail dress or even a formal looking jumpsuit. Because as long as you follow the basics, you would be alright.