The vape haze in Brisbane

Vaping is gaining popularity all over the world. In 2019 many cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Brisbane, saw an almost 20% increase in vaping. The numbers have only boomed from then. A vape shop in Brisbane or any other part of Australia sells everything a person could need to vape.

How it works 

Vaping is a form of e-cigarette smoking. A vape is an electronic device with a slot or container for the nicotine juice. With a press of a button, this juice is heated and turned into vapour. This steam has the same effect as smoking. Vapes have an extensive range of options than cigarettes, and that lends to its popularity.

All about vaping 

A vape shop in Brisbane sells everything right from the vaping device to kits and juices.

Vape juices

Vape juices and Cloudstix are available in every flavour imaginable. They can satisfy everyone’s taste. The most popular flavours are,


Tobacco flavoured nicotine juices are the most popular in Brisbane. These offer no flavour and taste like a cigarette in the mouth. People looking for smoking alternatives can opt for this juice as it is the most authentic alternative.


Menthol flavours have an additional icy-flavour to the juice. Some juices are plain menthol flavours and can give one a brain-freeze. Menthol flavoured juices are also available with an addition of other fruit or candy flavours.


Another favourite amongst Australians is the berry flavour. It even leaves a sweet after-taste in the mouth, which is probably why many people opt for it. A wide range of berry-flavoured juices are also available – strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry etc.


Nicotine juices come in many fruit flavours as well. Some of the most popular ones are green apple, apple, mango and watermelon. They taste a lot like candy in the mouth and even leave a fruity after-taste liked by many.

Candy and ice-cream 

A huge hit amongst those in Brisbane is the candy or ice-cream flavour. Right from chocolate and vanilla to caramel and nougat, every dessert flavour imaginable is available.


Hemp is a derivative of cannabis that is available in many forms. Vape shops sell hemp tinctures, lotions, oils, roll-ons and even hemp-flavoured nicotine juices for that extra hit.

Vape kits and accessories 

A vape kit consists of everything a beginner or advanced vaper could need,

  • The vaping device
  • USB charger
  • USB Wire
  • Battery Pack
  • Battery Covers
  • Battery Adapter
  • Replacement Rings
  • Hex Screws
  • Tri-tool
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Vape accessories include everything needed to repair or renew the vaping device – Tanks, Coils and Accessories.

  • The tanks of the device are for the cartridge or the juice. These do require cleaning after use. Vape shops sell replacement tanks as well to change the existing tank in the device.
  • The coil heats the juice to create vapour or steam for inhalation. With excessive use, it will need replacement. Vape shops help one buy and replace them when needed.
  • Other accessories like charger cables and adapters, screws, tools for cleaning, rings etc., are also sold in vape shops.

DIY Vape juices 

A popular trend today for most vapers is to make a DIY vaping juice. Vape shops sell DIY kits with concentrates of different flavours. They also sell a nicotine juice base to add the concentrate mix. People can now mix their favourite flavours to make a cocktail of nicotine juices. This customisation has brought a lot more flavours into the market.

Vaping as a trend is here to stay. Statistics show an 18% increase in daily vapers in the past few years. This increase reflects in the booming profits made by vape shops. A vape shop in Brisbane has everything a vaper could need. These shops also have online e-commerce websites to serve more consumers in Australia. Anyone can now be a part of the vaping scene in Brisbane.

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