Best Long Hairstyles for Men

When was the last time you saw a man not being conscious about his hairstyle? Never right, this is why hairstyles matter so much to men because it is one of the major factors that helps define their personality. There was a time when long hairstyles were rocked by band members, skateboarders, and surfers. However, today there is just so much you can do with them that the options are unlimited. For those who want to give themselves a manly and fashionable appearance, there is nothing better than carrying a long hairstyle. Since there are so many options, it is easy to pick one. Luckily, we have some ideas for you to consider.

Slick Back

Slick back hairstyle tops the list of our best long hairstyles. Since it happens to be suave, men with medium to long locks can pull-off the slick back hairstyle as it is easy to pull off. Perhaps the best thing about the slick back hairstyle is that it works perfectly with streetwear and tailored suits. Guys who possess fine hair will look best in a high-shine look that can be achieved by running the fingers through clean hair using a medium hold gel. On the other hand, guys who have textured or curly hair can rock this hairstyle as well by using a pomade or mousse and sweeping the front section back.


For the men at work or those in-between days, men can opt for a ponytail to quickly style their long hair. Using a serum, they can hold the hair back to ensure maximum shine. Furthermore, guys can either choose to keep the natural part as it is or pull all the hair directly back to give a more disheveled appeal. Moreover, you can tie the tie over twice or thrice to showcase the ultimate slickness. Lastly, if you do not want to feel too restricted, leave a few strands here and there or some that can be tucked behind your ears. 

Long Textured Waves

While discussing long hairstyles men, you cannot forget the long textured waves. Although this style is one of the toughest to pull but is also one of the classiest. Long Textured Waves are all about dimension and texture. Made famous and popular by Harry Styles, the Long Textured Waves are normally characterized by a pompadour that is deconstructed along with waves that feature medium density and texture.

Although this long hairstyle is suited to almost every shape but our vote goes to those who feature a layered cut along with some natural movement. If you wish to adopt this hairstyle, try applying a mousse on clean and damp hair. Then, leave the hair to dry using a hair diffuser and directing the front section of the hair backward. Once the hair is completely dry, backcomb the front section lightly before setting the hair in place using hairspray.

Man Bun

This style guide for long hair men remains incomplete without mentioning the very famous man bun. A modern classic, you can be sure that this style is not going anywhere anytime soon. The best thing about man buns is that they are versatile and can be customized and altered according to any shape and even size. To create a man bun, comb all your hair backward, like slick back, and secure them using a tie. If you want to give it a relaxed appeal, leave out a few strands.

Although the length of your hair will decide how high or low your hair bun needs to be but as a general rule of thumb, keep it just below the head crown. For guys with defining and prominent bone structures, pulling this version is going to be the easiest, and can pull as it as slick as they like as well. However, to flatter everyone once and for all, a looser bun is going to be a hit every single time.

Long Hair with Part

Now comes long hair with partition. Those who possess straight hair can pull off the center parting better than anyone. To produce an arrow straight part, get a fine-toothed comb and use it to comb freshly washed hair and run a straight line from the center of the hairline towards the back before using a serum to run through the ends of the hair. However, for those who display more textured hair and softer features, an indistinct side part is one of the best options. You can take a chunk of hair from one side and throw it over to the other while tucking them behind the ears to train them to stay in place. You need to remember that this hairstyle works well with a little movement, therefore, if you plan on wearing it, tread carefully.


The half-up is a combination of loose hair and man bun sleekness. With this hairstyle, you are keeping the hair off your face and highlighting that strong and structured neck along with the jawline. Never even once in your life will you go wrong with this hairstyle, it is that good, with the ladies ofcourse. You must give Chris Hemsworth the credit for carrying probably the best half-up hairstyle as Thor with his longer strands. To come up with a half-up, grab or pull the third top hair and tie a knot. You should make sure that it is tied not too tight and allows for some movement as well.

Long Braids

If gents want long hair with a bold look, then long braids are going to be the perfect option. Not only do long braids tend to be uniquely stylish but can adapt to many different styles as well. If you want a subtle braided look, opt for wearing your hair in one long while the other as a loose plait at the back of your head. Furthermore, if you want to create the ultimate eye-catching style, try creating many braids, starting from your forehead and making your way through the long mane. If the hair length is long enough, you can throw in a hair bun as well.

Long Curls

Long curls are meant to be shown off. Since you already possess natural volume and texture, long curls can be an excellent option who prefer a relaxed style. However, to pull off this look, you will need to make sure that your hair is kept properly maintained and the excess frizz is tamed as well. Plus, you should ensure that you regularly condition your hair at the same time but not over wash it. And since blow-drying can lead to damage and frizz, you should invest in some good moisture-rich hair products and allow the hair to dry naturally.

Long and Straight

While carrying straight and short hair is going to make you appear a little plain, straight and long locks are going to catch the attention. By adding a bit of shape and texture, this style will help you show off your length without any distractions. However, for this look to work for you, you will need to maintain your cut and maintain the trims at the same time. This style will only look stylish and smart if your hair is kept healthy. In addition to that, if you do not have naturally smooth or completely straight hair, you can always use a blow-dry with a heat-protectant spray to fake it. Lastly, make sure to apply serum as well.

Final Word

As you can see, there is a huge variety of long hairstyles. However, not all faces were created equal so there is no one for all long hairstyle,the hairstyle that suits you will depend on yourunique facial features. Therefore, we have highlighted and listed down some of the most accepted and praised upon hairstyles for men, from which you can select the one that suits you best.