Flattering Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Round-Shaped Face

Individuals with round faces usually go with almost any hairstyle. There isn’t a style that goes completely off-limit with such kinds of faces. However, if you need something that will trick the eyes and elongate or create more definition to your looks, you certainly need the best hairstyles for a round-shaped face. These styles mostly balance the shape of the hair with the face, creating a perfect look. Round faces are not suited for voluminous or sleek styling, and that’s why you need to stick with this article till the end for the best flattering styles. Here are the top eight.

1. The Lob Style

A lob style is one of the most used hair stylings for women with round faces, and it’s a signature style for Taraji P Henson. From a distance, this style gives your face a long look. How is it done? To get it accurately, you only need to height-lift your hair at the roots and side-sweep to create it. It works magic for anyone with a round face and with long hair. You can also add some protection spray to make your hair smooth and prevent damages.

2. The Hollywood Glamour Look

The Hollywood glamour look is a perfect hairstyle that every woman with a round face must try. It is often regarded as a red carpet style, and it’s part of celebrity styles worn out by Chrissy Teigen, who has a round face. According to hairstylists from hair salon Brisbane, this style involves heightening the face by boosting the hair length at the front and not at the back. You only need to do it right or with the best stylist to enjoy its outcome.

3. The Wavy Bob

The Wavy Bob

The Wavy Bob is a perfect fit for individuals with medium long hair and helps to boost the shape of your face with curls. This style, mostly done by Miranda Kerr, works like Lob style but uncovers part of the ears. It involves styling and cut, which leaves layers that can easily be boosted with curls. For a perfect design, it’s recommended to flip your hair upside down during drying.

4. Short Natural Hair

You have probably come across someone with short, natural hair looking fabulous. The short hairstyle is one of the befitting styles for round-faced ladies, and it’s one of the signature hairstyles done by the movie star Lupita Nyong’o. You don’t have to level it all, but you can go up and level the sides to create a longer face. If done correctly, it drastically changes your face look.

5. Shoulder-length Waves

Do you have some long hair or a fantastic weave? Then you can easily create shoulder-length waves to complement your round face. Other than the round faces, these shoulder-length waves fit all face shapes, and you can even try to make friends and families with different face shapes. One of the celebrities with this hairstyle is Mindy Kaling and has done this to elongate her round face, with the waves slimming the cheekbones.

6. Beach Waves

If you have been longing to try beach waves with your round face, now it’s the perfect time to do so. Being a hairstyle that requires medium long and voluminous hair helps raise your head’s height and make your face longer. Such can be seen in celebrities such as Drew Barrymore. In her face, these waves turn her face to be slimmer and taller. To have this distinctive look, you only need to curl the hair, if not naturally wavy, then spraying it with a texturizer.

7. Boho-chic Waves

Do you have long, curly hairs? Then they can make a perfect style for your round face. It is a style that lets you maximally play with your long hair, just like the celebrity Zoe Saldana. It would be best if you start by flipping your hair when blow-drying on high heat. Don’t dry it thoroughly. Once halfway, get a round brush to dry the hair thoroughly and add some volume. In initial blow-drying, you can use a ceramic brush since it works better and adds volume.

8. Sleek Hair

If you have long, straight hair, you should dry the sleek hair design for your round face. With this style, you lift the hair at the hair root and the sharp center part of creating an edge. Such is witnessed in Mila Kunis’s hairstyle. You can use a texture spray for a perfect look, which adds volume and texture.

Other round face styles include the short updo, the Pixie, the Pompadour, Loose updo, and much more. In short, various styles go with a round face. You only need to get into a good salon, get the best hairstylist, and have your hair done.