How to Pick the Best Little Dollhouse Christmas Miniatures

It’s that joyous time of the year again when the neighborhood lights up every night under brilliant Christmas decorations. If you finished putting the last ornament on your front door, why not prepare your dollhouse for the holidays as well?

With the Little Dollhouse Christmas miniatures, you can bring the holiday cheer to your dollhouse and enhance the festive atmosphere in your home. These beautiful adornments made from high-quality materials come in numerous shapes and sizes.

We know that picking the best Little Dollhouse Christmas miniatures is not easy, and maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to buy them all. So, we want to help you with a short guide on how to choose the perfect Christmas decorations for your dollhouse.

Exterior Dollhouse Christmas Decorations

First things first, you should look at ways to beautify the exterior of your dollhouse for Christmas. Remember that the first thing that carolers and visitors will see when entering your home will be the facade of your dollhouse. So, you might want to try these miniature decorations to embellish it:

Miniature Wreath

Nothing says “Holidays are here!” more than a green wreath on the front door. Use one adorned with miniature bells and bows to increase the festive feel even more.

Miniature Double Door Garland with Baubles

To make the front door of your dollhouse even more welcoming, add a miniature garland with baubles.

A string of Christmas Mini Lights for Dollhouses

Next, take a miniature string of Christmas lights and adorn the facade of your dollhouse. Brighten its appearance with lovely LED micro-dot Christmas lights that will warm up the atmosphere around it.

Miniature Handmade Sled

The best way to tell that Santa has arrived is by parking his sled in front of your dollhouse. Pick one of the many handmade sleds, which have uniquely remarkable finishing touches.

Miniature Santa’s Reindeers

The picture of Santa’s sled nicely parked in the front yard of your dollhouse would not be complete without at least two miniature reindeers catching their breath after a long ride.

Miniature Santa Claus for Dollhouses

An eye-catching Santa Claus miniature is the cherry on the top of your dollhouse Christmas decorations. A nice, jolly figurine of Father Christmas is the perfect touch to add to the exterior of your dollhouse.

Miniature Snowman

If you want to add even more holiday symbols in front of your dollhouse, do not forget to get a miniature snowman to keep company with Santa and the reindeer.

Interior Dollhouse Christmas Decorations

After nicely decorating the facade, you should decorate the interior of your dollhouse too with gorgeous Christmas miniature ornaments, such as:

Miniature Christmas tree

You cannot celebrate Christmas without an ornament-laden Christmas tree. Choose a miniature, handmade figurine already equipped with baubles and garlands.

Miniature Wrapped Christmas Gifts

You don’t want to leave that miniature Christmas tree alone in the living room of your dollhouse. So, why not add a few nicely wrapped Christmas gifts to make the entire image even more festive.

Miniature Garland with Felt Stockings

The dollhouse is almost ready for Santa to arrive. Don’t stop decorating it, and add more holiday-themed miniatures like garlands that have baubles and felt stockings. They will look great over the chimney if your dollhouse has one.

Miniature Foods, Trays, and Service Table

Miniature Foods, Trays, and Service Table

To make the entire Christmas celebration picture complete, you can go as far as to set up the dinner table in your dollhouse. For this one, you can have your pick from a wide range of miniatures that include food, trays, cutlery, and other holiday-themed objects. Design an entire feast for the visitors, and maybe even Santa will stop in for a snack.

Items to Help You Apply Dollhouse Christmas Miniatures

Now that you have picked the best Christmas miniatures for your dollhouse, it is time to check your tool list for items that may help you put them together. Here are some of the essential items that should not miss from any dollhouse enthusiast’s kit:


Choose from a variety of glues and adhesives for your dollhouse projects from museum wax to hot glue sticks and everything in between.

Easy Cutter

Use this tool to cut or trim parts of the shingles if you need to adjust them for the Christmas decorations.

Paint Brushes

Choose from large foam brushes for larger areas to fine art brushes for extreme detail work.

Electrical Kits

Use this helpful kit to install the Christmas decorations on your miniature dollhouse, and enjoy the seemingly real festive lights shine joyfully on those cold winter nights.

There you have it! Now that you know how to pick the Little Dollhouse Christmas miniatures that suit your dollhouse best, you can start ordering them. Between shipping, unboxing, and decorating, you should have your miniature dollhouse all jazzed up for the holidays.